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    Six Flags Over Georgia, March 20th photo trip report

    Six Flags Over Georgia, March 20th photo trip report This will not be a huge trip report because my camera could only take 41 pictures before the memory died (and most of those pictures were spent on Goliath, for obvious reasons) . Lets get started, As you can see, it was a perfect day...
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    Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Giga coaster

    All I have to add is that trimmed or not, Im still going to have a hell of a time on it in June
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    Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Giga coaster

    I pray your wrong because that drop looks sick
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    The Tale: A B&M Mega Coaster

    UPDATE 9/29/09: Well, I fixed the airtime hills and made them parabolic (physics for the win). Take a look, OLD, BEFORE FIX AFTER People have been asking why the splashdown is so large, I will tell you this, I have something special in mind for it. I have also made...
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    Roller Coaster Death in France

    ^ That would be something I would like to find out. But one thing is for sure, she sure left a big ass dent in the pavement
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    Need ideas for finishing coaster please!!

    can you post some pics?
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    The end of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom?

    Well, that makes one park I won't vist in 2010, I think I will spend an extra day at Cedar Point or Kings Island insted
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    Major Flooding at SFOG (again...)

    they treated it for this sort of thing because it is built on a lake (at least most of it is). SFoG floods quite a bit, and it has stood up quite well so far. It usually doesn't take that long for the water to drain, so damage is usually kept to a minimum
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    The Tale: A B&M Mega Coaster

    Sure, any help will be wanted, here are four pictures from four diffrent points of view
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    Major Flooding at SFOG (again...)

    The wood would not rot, because six flags has treated the wood for this kid of thing (its built of a lake), and the electronics probably would survive (they are made to take water)
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    Golden Tickets 2009

    How the hell did Thunderhead slip to #5?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? She has been running better this year than ever before!?!?!?!?!? On a positive note, my fav. steel coaster Goliath (SFOG) has moved up yet again!
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    Major Flooding at SFOG (again...)

    If I had a dollar for everytime this happened... Im going on Oct. 31st, I hope Mindbender (my #3 Fav coaster) is up and running, because it isn't a trip to SFoG unless I get a spin.
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    I have proof (enough) to prove that B&M is using the splashdown as a break of some sort, SO it does slow the train down, B&M even list water as a break for Diamondback I quote, Braking System: Combination of magnetic, water and mechanical
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    GCI's: Good or Bad?

    I love GCI woodies, Thunderhead is still my favorite coaster, and Lightning Racers is up there in my top 10. BUT Gwazi made me want to stab myself. How I rank GCI Woodies BEST- Comparable to Thunderhead, Lightning Racers, Renegade ect. Middle- WildCat, Kentucky Rumbler, Roar, ect Worst-...
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    Your favorite moment of airtime?

    Here are my top 5 biggest moments of airtime 1) Georgia Cyclone, I know it doesn't look like much, but it has the most extreme airtime (yes, I know it is more of ejector, but damn) of any coaster I have been on 2) Magnum XL-200, it is filled to the brim with air, I don't think my butt ever...