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Hi everyone!

My dad is a big coaster fan, and so I've been all over the US riding them.

My first roller coaster ever was the Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I also remember thinking that Escape from Pompeii was the coolest ride, I was fascinated by the building and extremely surprised when I felt the real heat from the fire inside.

-Kylie 🎢
My goal is to someday visit theme parks all over the world - Namely Phantasialand, Alton Towers, and Tokyo DisneySea!

I grew up outside of Cedar Point, but I've also been to Hershey Park, Busch Gardens Florida and Williamsburg, Sea World San Antonio, Sea World Orlando, all the US Disney parks, Canada's Wonderland, both Universal parks, and Kings Island. There may be more I'm missing.
Feel free to reach out and chat about your favorite coasters in these parks! I'm dying to meet more amusement & theme park enthusiasts!
If I vanish off the grid for 2 weeks in Summer 2021-2022, me and my family will be doing a HUGE trip to the Mid Atlantic, staying at Lancaster. We came up with the Idea Tonight and we're gonna likely do DC, Hersheypark, Busch Williamsburg, Sesame, Dutch Wonderland, Kennywood, Dorney and a bunch of other parks in and around that particular region.