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    What hurts more?

    Chandler in F.r.i.e.n.d.s asked this question to the woman who was giving birth to his and Monica's baby. It was very funny :P The way Ollie put it, I'd have to say being kicked in the balls since it does hurt rather a lot.
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    Plans for 2009

    Thorpe Park with a friend and Clarence Pier. Possibly Alton Towers if lucky.
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    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    There has been a lot going on since I last saw this. Btw, the pirate ship thing really looks like it's hitting the wooden coaster. The park still looks great and the Floorless loosk good too.
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    SAW: The Ride - Download on page 20

    It's like looking at a picture taken inside the station. Did you have to make all the wall textures etc yourself? It looks great. I'm not sure if the lift hill and drop are too far apart though. Like, maybe the radius of the crest should be smaller? Anyway, it looks great.
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    Redwood [Download on page 6]

    Overall a great ride. It interacted very well with the surroundings and i loved the launch and the section after it. There were a few bumps but nothing major. 9/10 :)
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    What day is your rubbish collected on?

    On a Monday although i accidently clicked Tuesday on the poll. :oops:
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    Racecoaster [My first NoLimits project] *DOWNLOAD*

    Well, it was pretty good for a third coaster. The g's where all fine which is good. The layout wasn't much thought tbh. It was good for a third ride.
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    Redwood [Download on page 6]

    It all looks great but it's not very red. :P Nice logo too.
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    Racecoaster [My first NoLimits project] *DOWNLOAD*

    Yes, for anyone to comment properly on the ride, a download, or at least a video, is needed so people can judge smoothness etc...
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    B&M Invert (BIG Project - UC)

    It looks very good, it's so, smooth and lush looking. It's cool how the trains pass very near to each other.
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    Mind the sick please!

    This was featured on the Virgin Media homepage earlier. That job has to be one of the worst, althought he will get to be around the ride a lot of the time.
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    Redwood [Download on page 6]

    I still think it looks flat compared to the hill on Saw: The Ride: Also, is that catwalk alongside a up hill launch on the far right of the last picture?
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    B&M Invert (BIG Project - UC)

    Ah, thats very good although the helix after the MCBR seems to be not very round. :lol:
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    What got you interested in...

    Well i went to Clarence pier a number of times with my family when i was very very young. Eventually i got the guts to go on Skyways and loved it so that was one of my first coasters. Legoland was also one of my first proper theme parks that i went to and rode the rides. What really got me into...
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    B&M Invert (BIG Project - UC)

    Interlocking zero-g rolls? Or somthing like this: As you can clearly see by my spectacular drawing skills, you could have the interlocking corks next to the zero g and it'd look awesome seeing 3 inversions together if pulled off. The green bit is going up (or down depending on what the...