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Cedar Fair Investing Around 140 Million In 2020


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Pretty sure I heard KD was getting a water park expansion somewhere. Need to double check that though before its taken as fact.

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I think an expansion is still a rumor, but they are removing one of their two wavepools. A water park expansion and retheme seems likely.

Can anyone who is at Valleyfair or near Valleyfair confirm if there is any clearence or something happening or happened at Wild Thing's helix?
Well Dinosaurs Alive is getting removed, so that must be the "clearance" you're talking about...but that's about all that is known about Valleyfair.
I've never cared for the idea of a boring, predictable B&M hyper at CGA. Ever since Tidal Wave was removed, I've wanted to see a launch coaster at this park.


I’ve heard rumours of Wicked Twister getting relocated to GCA. Sounds plausible given that CP knocked down that stadium, so removing wicked Twister gives them a bigger plot of land to play with for their next addition. Plus at CP it’s a forgotten middle child, but could maybe be a top 3 coaster for CGA.

I’d imagine they’ll be spending a bit on the Schlitterbahn and Sawmill creek properties to give them a Cedar Fair makeover, so besides KIGA probably isn’t much budget for new coasters.


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Wicked Twister is not getting relocated...at least not this year. The ride is staffed through the end of the season.

I did see another coaster account post the "semi-confirmed" rumor a few days ago along with their evidence, which was quite easy to debunk. They stated that Windseeker is closed this fall due to proximity of cranes taking down Wicked Twister, but Windseeker is closed every fall due to weather and staffing constraints. They predicted that the ride would be relocated to the plot of land where the water park expansion is currently taking place as well. So yeah...not happening any time soon.


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Alright, let's do a more proper summary, shall we?

California's Great America - South Bay Shores water park expansion
Canada's Wonderland - cliff jumping thing and kiddie ride
Carowinds - Boogie Board Racers mat slide and Grand Carnivale
Cedar Point - 150th anniversary celebration
Dorney Park - Seaside Splashworks slide complex
Kings Island - Kiga
Kings Dominion - Coconut Shores water park expansion
Knott's Berry Farm - 100th anniversary festival
Michigan's Adventure - Camp Snoopy
Valleyfair - Grand Carnivale
Worlds of Fun - Riptide Racers mat slide

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