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  1. maiconcosta

    Dynasty // RMC Hybrid Coaster

    Statistics: Length: 1323m - 4340ft Height: 45m - 147ft Speed: 99Km/h - 61mph Download link
  2. maiconcosta

    Impulse - Premier Rides LIM Shuttle

    Statistics: Length: 533m - 1748ft Height: 71m - 232ft Speed: 115Km/h - 71mph Download - Impulse Download - Impulse: Reverse Blast
  3. maiconcosta

    Skyline - Intamin LSM Launch Coaster

    Skyline - Intamin LSM Coaster 29-655 Length: 655m - 2148ft Height: 29m - 95ft Speed: 86Km/h - 53mph Download link
  4. maiconcosta

    Systemic Crazy Coaster by Maicon Costa

    👉 Download Link Length: 1685m // 5528ft Height: 50m // 164ft Speed: 108Km/h // 67mph Creation inspired by Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit 😀
  5. Matt N

    Strongest roller coaster for airtime at Alton Towers?

    Hi guys. Airtime is becoming an increasingly "in" thing on roller coasters, and with this in mind, many enthusiasts feel that an airtime-focused ride is something that Alton Towers, the UK's largest and joint most coaster-heavy theme park, currently lacks from its coaster selection. But I'd be...
  6. maiconcosta

    Goliath by Maicon Costa (RMC Hybrid Coaster)

    __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Download link
  7. Hyde

    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2021 Edition

    Another year, another comparison of our top 10 roller coasters! I believe the CF Team speaks for all when we say this year was both better-but-not-quite-back-to-pre-Covid-status. While response rates to this year's poll were lower, we actually saw a wider variety of coasters across rankings! CF...
  8. Matt N

    Shanghai Disneyland building a “high-speed roller coaster”?

    Hi guys. According to Blog Mickey, Shanghai Disneyland is reportedly accepting bids for a “high-speed outdoor roller coaster”: In case you’re wondering, here’s the tweet that fuelled this rumour...
  9. Matt N

    Favourite coaster inversions?

    Hi guys. There are all kinds of inversions on various rides out there, but I’d be intrigued to know; what are some of your favourite inversions on the coasters you’ve done? I’ll get the ball rolling with some of my candidates: The Swarm at Thorpe Park (Various) - In general, I just think Swarm...
  10. Matt N

    Do B&M hypers produce actual negative g-forces?

    Hi guys. B&M hypers are an incredibly popular coaster type among parks across the world, and for some, they are among the ride types you think of when you think “airtime machine”. But on the subject of airtime, I have a question about B&M hypers; do they actually produce any negative g-forces...
  11. Matt N

    If you could put any roller coaster in your home park, what would it be and where would it go?

    Hi guys. I personally believe that the closed season is a wonderful time for speculation and wishing about what could happen in theme parks, so I thought that today might be a nice time for a good old wishing topic. So my question to you is; if you could put any roller coaster into your home...
  12. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Frontier City Removing Wildcat?

    So, I've checked for evidence (if you guys wanna check it out too) but Wildcat at Frontier City has no visible website anymore. Now, I'm taking this with a pinch of salt but there was also a video recorded by a member of Frontier City Thrills on Facebook that showed Wildcat, then flashed to an...
  13. G

    Expedition GeForce is my favourite Roller Coaster of all time..

    I mean it has it all. A crazy first drop into the best air time ejaction hills on any roller coaster i have ridden through the whole ride with turning and flipping elements between it. Just WOW! Best thing, i live 30 mins away from that theme park lol. What is your opnion on it ? Do you think...
  14. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Markers at Kings Island (2021/22?)

    So, it turns out there's some markers over this month at Kings Island and all the details can be found here: But, the amazing Coaster Nation has made a Wing Coaster using those marker placements and if this would be the result of the...
  15. cjbrandy

    How is your tolerance of roughness?

    How rough does a coaster have to be for you to consider it a 'bad' ride? For me it has to be really f*cking rough, I loved Space Mountain and I enjoy Saw, Grand National and Colossus which are also known for being pretty rough. I view all the coasters I ride with optimism, I actually found...
  16. Matt N

    Cedar Point 2020/2021

    Hi guys. As discussion seems to have started in the Steel Vengeance thread about a potential 2020 coaster for Cedar Point, I decided to make this thread. Now, Tony Clark has apparently hinted multiple times at a 2020 coaster that will be akin to Steel Vengeance in terms of scale, and many other...
  17. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Kennywood Retracking Thunderbolt

    There is only one article on this so far but not available to see in the European region, but Kennywood will be retracking Thunderbolt and it won't operate over halloween
  18. Coaster Chall YouTube

    IAAPA Expo Europe 2019

    Thought I'd start this thread to ask, what does everyone think will be announced at the IAAPA Europe Expo in Paris next week?
  19. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Cedar Fair Investing Around 140 Million In 2020

    Just seen Amusement Insiders video on the Q2 Stock Holders call. For now, it is said that Canada's Wonderland have green light on the hotel, apparently announcing something on August 14th and there's possibly one or two more coasters (other than Kings Island) in 2020...and it could be a smaller...
  20. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Frontier City Preparing For 2020 Attraction? I wasn't sure where abouts on Google Earth this is, but it sounds like it's a big site for a potential attraction!