1. Matt N

    Are there any "old hat" coaster elements that you're sad to see going out of fashion?

    Hi guys. If you surveyed a group of coaster enthusiasts, I'm sure that most would agree that we are currently at the zenith of all-time roller coaster design. With manufacturers growing ever more ambitious in their layout design, and cramming airtime and wacky angles into places they've never...
  2. Matt N

    Weirdest rides you’ve ever had on coasters

    Hi guys. Over the years, there are probably some coasters that you get to ride a fair amount, and some coasters that you have a fair idea of how they will probably ride before you ride them. However, a ride can sometimes catch you off guard in quite a big way. For instance, a ride of a type...
  3. Matt N

    What is your favourite traditional (non-RMC or Intamin prefab) wooden coaster?

    Hi guys. Within the last decade or two, two key inventions happened within the field of wooden roller coasters; the Intamin pre-fab woodie and the RMC Topper Track woodie. These innovative models altered the way in which wooden coasters were built and really pushed the boundaries of what the...
  4. Matt N

    An analysis of Europe’s coaster selection (Part 3: "QuantOverQual" and "QualOverQuant")

    Disclaimer: This post is extremely long, and if you don't like data analysis and geeky maths talk, I'd suggest you run for the hills and don't look back, because this post has quite a bit of it! Hi guys. There are a lot of theme parks in Europe, as well as a lot of roller coasters. So naturally...
  5. C

    Most fitting coaster names

    hello, in your opinion what are the most fitting names for roller coasters?
  6. Matt N

    What is your mentality towards riding kiddie coasters?

    Hi guys. If you do coaster counting, one means that many enthusiasts tend to resort to in order to up their coaster count is riding kiddie coasters. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that enthusiasts tend to have different mentalities towards riding kiddie coasters and the level of care...
  7. Matt N

    Coaster selections that feel like “quantity over quality” and coaster selections that feel like “quality over quantity”

    Hi guys. Often, when picking your favourite coaster selection, you can be spurred towards picking a park with a huge quantity of credits as your favourite; the more creds on offer, the better, right? But sometimes, parks can defy this logic. Sometimes, a park can have tons of credits on offer...
  8. Matt N

    Most noteworthy park and coaster you haven’t done in your home country/state

    Hi guys. We all have a home country (or home state, in the context of the USA), and often, we know the parks close to our home like the back of our hand. For instance, as a UK citizen, I couldn’t count my total number of visits to Alton Towers on two hands, and it’s getting to the point where my...
  9. Matt N

    Your favourite coaster lineup in Europe?

    Hi guys. Europe has many theme parks, and coasters are a vital element of theme parks in the eyes of many, so my question to you today is very simple; which European park's coaster lineup is your favourite? I can't really vote in this, as I haven't visited any European parks outside the UK as...
  10. C

    What Started As A Matterhorn Question And Is Now A Merged General Discussion On What Counts as Coaster Credit

    The Matterhorn at Disneyland which is the first-ever tubular steel coaster has two tracks according to RCDB the left track is 2,037 ft long and 2 minutes and 7 seconds long while the right track is 2,134 ft long and is 2 minutes and 26 seconds long. this brings me to my question, does the...
  11. Matt N

    The coaster you've ridden with the highest statistic for each major coaster stat

    Hi guys. Records, although often dismissed by enthusiasts, are one of the main points of interest that parks often resort to using, and personally, I think that saying you've ridden a record-breaking coaster does still carry a certain element of prestige! So my question to you today is; for each...
  12. Matt N

    New coaster concepts that you think would be cool

    Hi guys. There are many different types of coasters out there, and there are still new innovations being unveiled even now; for instance, I’d argue that S&S’ recently Axis model was a pretty radical invention! But the question stands; what next? What isn’t currently on a coaster anywhere in the...
  13. MurphNation

    Construction/Teasing @ Worlds of Fun

    Hi Everybody! I have just got home from Worlds of Fun located in Kansas City, MO and would like to share some information I have received from a long-time employee. I can not share the name or what coaster he was working at because their is a good chance he would loose his job. Besides their is...
  14. Matt N

    Why have travelling coasters progressed so little, and will we ever see large-scale, custom travelling coasters built again?

    Hi guys. The recent news of Mellors seemingly having purchased a travelling Sky Rocket II for Riyadh Winter Wonderland in Saudi Arabia recently got me thinking about travelling coasters. And it got me thinking; the world of travelling coasters is arguably somewhat stuck in the past compared to...
  15. T


  16. T

    A Giga going to Kings Island!!2????

    I am freaking out!!!! I just heard from Zimmerman that another giga is going to KI!!! Im crying!!!! aparently i's by rmc!!!!! 437 feet!!!! Posting proof soon!
  17. MurphNation

    Six Flags St. Louis New Coaster or Ride Coming soon?

    So apparently markings have been sited at Six Flags St. Louis. I saw a few posts on twitter about it, then I saw a couple of youtube videos so here's the info: On the Former Tidal Wave plot their is marking sightings, Now this could really be anything but this could be big! Local Missouri...
  18. T

    A Gerstlauer Infinity to be opened at one of the following Cedar Fair parks

    I currently reconnected with an old friend who now works for Cedar Fair involving public relations. I just Recently became an enthuasist about a year ago! I was on facebook a few weeks ago and found that I had a request from my old college bud. I found out that he works for Cedar Fair and we...
  19. Matt N

    What are your thoughts on going backwards on coasters?

    Hi guys. With the swing launch seemingly being the flavour of the month in launch coaster world at present, as well as shuttle and semi-shuttle coasters increasing in popularity, the number of coasters that go backwards for at least a portion of their layout is ever increasing. So my question to...
  20. Matt N

    Will we ever see another large-scale 4D coaster?

    Hi guys. 4D coasters seem to have become all the rage as of late, with S&S’ 4D Free Spin model in particular flying off the shelves at the moment. But it’s quite easy to forget that before the era of modern, compact 4D coasters, it was a different type of 4D coaster that started it all; the...