1. MurphNation

    GCI likely building multiple new coasters with Cedar Fair through 2022-2025

    I recently reached out to Joyce Stablewski at GCI, and this is what she said. I asked her this: "Are you going to be working with Cedar Fair in the near future? If you are, what parks would you think you're working with?" I assumed I would get no response but I did. She said "We are always...
  2. MurphNation

    Leaked 50th Anniversary Plans at [Worlds of Fun]

    Hi Everybody! I have just got home from Worlds of Fun located in Kansas City, MO and would like to share some information I have received from a long-time employee. I can not share the name or what coaster he was working at because their is a good chance he would loose his job. Besides their is...
  3. Matt N

    Can a coaster ever be too smooth?

    Hi guys. Someone over on TowersStreet Talk made an interesting comment about Nemesis earlier today: Admittedly, I imagine that some of you are perplexed as to how this TSTer’s comment is relevant, but it is relevant, because when I read it, it got me thinking; can a coaster ever be too smooth...
  4. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Hall Of Shame - Types Of Rides That Deserve To Be Inducted

    Well... Its fair to say the Skywarp is the inaugural inductee into our theme park hall of shame. But I thought I'd start this discussion to see what ride types everyone else would put into it as well.
  5. Matt N

    Closest coasters to a “Jack of all trades”?

    Hi guys. I was just watching a POV of VelociCoaster at Islands of Adventure, and I was thinking to myself; it might genuinely be one of the world’s most varied roller coasters in terms of the sensations on offer. And that got me thinking; what are some of the closest coasters out there to a...
  6. Matt N

    Do you prefer steel roller coasters or wooden roller coasters?

    Hi guys. I know this seems like a very simplistic debate, but I’m surprised we seemingly haven’t got a topic for it, and I thought it might be a fun one to discuss. So my basic question to you is; do you prefer steel roller coasters or wooden roller coasters? Personally, I prefer steel roller...
  7. M

    Chinese knock-off coasters in United States?

    Chinese ride manufactures have been copying the original designs from other manufactures outside of China and make it their own version of the design what they designed. I’m wondering that what IF there’s a Chinese knock-off coaster being built in the United States. That would be a TROLLING...
  8. Matt N

    Have you ever had a changing ride on a coaster you’ve ridden before?

    Hi guys. This hobby can be full of surprises when riding coasters; you can quite often find that when riding a brand new coaster for the first time, it delivers in ways you didn’t expect, and really surprises you. But I find that some of the most surprising rides of all can sometimes come from...
  9. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Markers at Kings Island (2021/22?)

    So, it turns out there's some markers over this month at Kings Island and all the details can be found here: But, the amazing Coaster Nation has made a Wing Coaster using those marker placements and if this would be the result of the...
  10. Matt N

    Coasters that you want to like, but don't

    Hi guys. In all the years I've been riding roller coasters and visiting theme parks, I've ridden many different rides, and there have been many rides that I've hotly anticipated riding. In some cases, like with my current top 2 coasters Mako and Icon, these hotly anticipated rides blew me away...
  11. Nitro12345

    My Detailed Review of Talon at Dorney Park

    First off, let me say that I'm biased when it comes to this coaster. I first rode Talon nearly 15 years ago at the age of ten, and was my first looping coaster, and I have ridden it more than any coaster. I would estimate somewhere around 1500 rides. Recently I have started traveling around and...
  12. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Cedar Fair Investing Around 140 Million In 2020

    Just seen Amusement Insiders video on the Q2 Stock Holders call. For now, it is said that Canada's Wonderland have green light on the hotel, apparently announcing something on August 14th and there's possibly one or two more coasters (other than Kings Island) in 2020...and it could be a smaller...
  13. Matt N

    Most rerideable coasters?

    Hi guys. In a coaster, many of us value rerideability; I know I certainly do! But my question to you is; what is the most rerideable coaster you've ever ridden? What is that coaster that you could literally sit on all day without feeling nauseous or exhausted, but still having fun and never...
  14. Matt N

    Your favourite roller coasters built before 1990

    Hi guys. From reading through various people's ranking lists and listening to enthusiasts talk over the years, I've noticed that there seems to be a general consensus that most people's lists only tend to contain modern coasters. The sort of coasters dominating today's top 10s mostly seem to...
  15. H

    Opinions on the best European coaster, and why

    I'm curious to find out in the community what the general opinion /consensus of the best coaster in Europe is, and obviously everyone will have an opinion to share too.
  16. Matt N

    Smoothest coaster you've ever ridden?

    Hi guys. Smoothness is a factor that many of us admire in a coaster, so I'd be intrigued to know; what is the smoothest coaster you've ever ridden? For me, the smoothest coasters I've ever ridden include Mako at SeaWorld Orlando, The Swarm at Thorpe Park, Thirteen at Alton Towers, Seven Dwarfs...
  17. Matt N

    Best coaster lineup in terms of quality?

    Hi guys. I was just scrolling through my spreadsheet of all my roller coasters ranked, and I have them all rated out of 10 on an overall spectrum, so I just discovered that Google Sheets did some very clever maths and gave me my average rating out of 10 per park amongst other things. For that...
  18. Kw6sTheater

    Six Flags Great Adventure — 2020 Coaster?

    Hey everyone, from the splash pad that was removed last season to El Diablo’s sudden closure, I think it’s safe to say that Six Flags Great Adventure has something up their sleeves for 2020. I’ll make my guess at either an RMC Raptor clone, or that middleground (2 abreast, with supports designed...
  19. Matt N

    Have your tastes in coasters changed over time? If so, how?

    Hi guys. As many of you know, we all have different things we like in a coaster. Some of us crave the most intense machine in the world that makes you grey out countless times and makes you have to sit out for hours before a reride. Others crave insane ejector that would chuck you straight back...
  20. Matt N

    Coasters you would love to achieve a milestone on

    Hi guys. As we have the Milestone Coasters in Your Count thread, I thought it might be interesting to discuss coasters that we'd like to get a milestone on in the future. I'll get the ball rolling with coasters I'd particularly like to get a milestone on: Steel Vengeance - I don't think this...