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Six Flags Over Georgia | Georgia Surfer | Intamin Ultra Surf | 2024


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Honestly, while none of the names were good by any means, I think they made the right choice out of the three finalists.

Iron Splash: the Surf Coaster, while hilarious, is an absolute train wreck of a name and was almost certainly submitted as a joke. Aquaphobia on the other hand is WAY too phonetically similar to Acrophobia and would have resulted in endless confusion amongst parkgoers. Georgia Surfer is certainly the least offensive of the three, even with Georgia Scorcher in the same park (Georgia Scorcher and Georgia Cyclone coexisted without issue for almost 20 years). It does what Aquaphobia was trying to do while just retaining a different enough name to avoid confusion.

I don't like the name Georgia Surfer, but at least it won't be an active detriment to the ride and the park like the other two would have been.


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The park just announced that Georgia Surfer is the winning name of the new Ultra Surf coaster opening this summer. Over 2,500 name suggestions were submitted and over 27,000 votes were cast in choosing the winner.


Bathtub Gin

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Not looking forward to these types starting to pop up around the chain. If my local Six Flags eventually has to get one of these, I hope they at least name it Iron Splash.


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I can see this coaster model becoming very popular for many amusement parks because of it's appeal, footprint and cost. We will probably see many of them in the future.