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Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021


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So here is my honest review.

I would rate it about 6 or 7 out of 10.

The main Downer is because the trains are so lightweight they rattle all the way through, and get particularly shaky at the bottom of the loops. You feel it and hear it.

In terms of intensity it's about on par with a standard model eurofighter, but there is a good bit of force in the loops, and a good pop of ejector airtime on the hill. The non-inverting loop doesn't attempt to yeet you out of the train like on DC Rivals.

But the layout of course has a nice bit of flair. And because it's only a 1 seat wide train, it's true heart lining, so when you go through the twists, you feel your butt swinging out and your head going the other way, cool!

It sounds crazy but the track looks smaller in real life, it would be no more than 30 cm or 1ft. You could cover it with a dinner plate

In terms of loading it is very efficient actually, the operator can stroll up the train very quickly and check everyone, so I don't think capacity will be a problem.
It has hydraulic restraints, but when they unlock them at the end of the ride they get every guest to cross their arms across their chest.....why? Because the things flick open in a fraction of a second, and you could probably give yourself a good blood nose if you were struck by the opening harness. Are other new gen intamins like this? (Eg Hyperion)

But getting back to the trains, comfortable seats and harnesses, but because they are so light you can literally shift your weight in your seat, and get your whole car to jiggle.

When it leaves the station you feel the car get lifted slightly by every friction tyre, and likewise you feel bump bump bump bump bump down each launch.

The first launch starts steady but has a rapid kick at the end into the turn, you then go down a bit of a trick track section that reminds me of the pre lifts on many rmc coasters.

The second launch is nice and quick, a forceful non inverted loop and sidewinder, all with nice transitions.

Then comes a fun little ejector hill, and then a series of downward s bends, where you feel that interesting heart lining.

You dive under the entrance bridge, then curve over the entrance to the station (I am amazed there are no nets because it's very close)

The corkscrew is flat and drawn out with a moment of hang time at the top.

This leads into a final turn with an insane head chopper.

It's not the wildest ride out there, its firmly family thrill. I was worried some of the transitions would be too sharp and uncomfortable giving the tightness of the layout, but no such problems, the actual track design is top-class.

But man, they need to fix that rattle, which is present in every seat except for the front row, it just makes the whole thing feel cheap, and not as comfortable as it could be.


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I still can’t get over how insanely close it gets to those apartments… I’m sure the lower level tenants are thrilled to step onto their balcony and have a roll coaster break run eye level with them.


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Thats an office building.
Yeah - it's been said several times before in this thread. I'm no expert on Austrailian architecture, but you have to admit the individual balconies are (in the USA/Europe) far more commonly associated with flats/apartments than offices - especially at lower building levels like this one:



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A couple of places Ive worked at have had them (See below), you can go outside for some fresh air, eat your lunch out there, sometimes have employee bbqs etc.
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Finally managed to get out here and pick up the creds (tip for sydneysiders---the park is open weeknights right now for vivid, for cheaper tix and essentially zero queues)

I went with some non-thoosies, who very much enjoyed the term 'thoosie', so I didn't get any pics for a proper ptr. Also it was dark and also I'm a bad photographer... if you'd like to picture me there, I had a frosted tips mullet and a brown leather bomber jacket. let your imagination run wild

anyway, managed to get pretty much all the rides in. the mouse was down but I've been on it before, so no real loss. the new flats are all pretty good, the frisbee runs a fun cycle with a beautiful view over the harbor (and the queue is under big dipper), and the drop tower is pretty punchy as well.

big dipper---I went into this with kinda low expectations, thinking it would be a bit slower and less interesting. It really exceeded my expectations though. The ride is punchy, whippy, and with some real solid forces. Both launches are way better than I was expecting, with some real acceleration on the second one. The non-inverting loop into the immelman element pulls some serious g's, with a lovely view at the top. there's a great bounce of airtime after that, but my favorite part is the s-bend hill followed by the tight turn just after that. really great laterals and speed, going over/under the queue. the final corkscrew is surprisingly drawn out and floaty. The rattliness is pretty bad, easily the worst of any intamin I've been on, but I don't think the gp will care. obviously capacity can be a problem but they were going reasonably quickly---although everything being walkon helped a lot! In the end, I got three rides in---two in the back, and one in the front. its not super different either way, but I preferred the back for the extra whippiness. obviously its not a top 10 ride, but its better than a family coaster. It could maybe sneak into my top 50 (of 180ish) if I ever bothered to keep track of such things.

the gerstlauer boomerang is surprisingly decent. the turns are pretty tight and forceful, and interact nicely with the boardwalk. nothing special but I prefered it to the vekoma model at eg energylandia.

the kiddie coaster...let me ride it, which is about all that needs said 😆