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Energylandia's Future Additions

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
It is a new water park section, not a new coaster
Doh 😖

Well if that’s the case then it isn’t the big patch of land next to sweet valley, that has new foundation work laid, as that is the opposite side of the park to the water park… Still none the wiser as to what this is going to be then 🙈

Sorry, I jumped to that conclusion as it looks just like that shot, a big rectangular patch, with lots of evenly placed footers. But yeh, it’s next to Honey Harbour so nowhere near the water park.


Hyper Poster
Not really, it is located next to the coaster and does not obstruct the view from the dragon zone at all. The only perspective really affected is from the Area between Dragon and Formula, but there are buildings in between anyway, so it is really not a big deal.

But I have to admit, it does not fit inside the area, it is just a big white ferris wheel. Luckily it is close to the road, so it's not too bad.


Roller Poster
That ferris wheel doesn't look like it belongs into an amusment park. It looks so steril, like all the other big city wheels. I also wonder, why they built it so far to one end of the park and not colser to the future middle of the park after all the expansions?


Mega Poster
why they built it so far to one end of the park and not colser to the future middle of the park after all the expansions?
The future middle of the park, will be to the other side of Sweet Valley.
But there won't be any space left for a ferris wheel over there, because in Sweet Valley they will build a new theater/ eventcenter, one of the future hotels and another waterpark expansion.


Hyper Poster
That wheel does not fit in but it probably wasn't meant for Energylandia. I'm guessing it was either a cancelation from some city or something Vekoma had in storage and bundled it up with something to sell to Energylandia. This wheel came so suddenly and wasn't rumoured or talked about before. When they did the press release EL didn't even know the size of the wheel, calling it 56 meters when Vekoma doesn't make a 56 meter wheel. That's probably also why it's white.

Liseberg also has a white Dutch Wheel, although that one is a White Series 60. That wheel wasn't originally meant for Liseberg. It was bought by the mayor of Gothenburg after he visited Manchester and rode "The Wheel of Manchester". He was very impressed and when he came home he bought the exact same wheel, a Dutch Wheels WS60. It operated for about 2 years as the "Göteborgshjulet" located on the square in front of the opera. Then the city council didn't want it anymore and sent it off to Liseberg to replace their older and smaller wheel. Liseberg themselves probably wouldn't have spent their money on that wheel.


Hyper Poster
Are they completely broken off from Vekoma or does Vekoma still handle their sales and some other parts of their business?