1. Mushroom

    Mush's Polish Adventure 2 - More creds required! (23rd - 26th September)

    I had booked 4 days off from work, and didn't know what I wanted to do with them. Ended up saying to myself, time to goto Poland and get the 7 creds I need at Energylandia. My last visit was back in 2017, and included Legendia. This time no Legendia, mainly for Energylandia! Friday 23rd This was...
  2. TPoseOnTantrum

    Hossoland | Poland | Theme Park | 2024

    A presentation was made today unveiling Hossoland, a major new theme park to be built in Brojce, Poland. They're planning to use a 40-hectare site, divided into 4 lands containing 50 attractions, and be open for as soon as Spring 2024. They're hoping to draw around 1 million guests annually...
  3. Serena

    Release The Krakow: Poland Live 22-23rd Sept

    Right, it's (hyperi)ON! Poland here we come! Sat 22nd Sept: EnergyLandia Sun 23rd Sept: Legendia Before I email the parks, I would like an idea of numbers, so please confirm your attendance in this topic. Also, drivers willing to share car spaces, please make yourselves known! There's loads...
  4. CrashCoaster

    Energylandia's Future Additions

    I found this posted to CF Chat on Facebook:- https://m.facebook.com/groups/1219702474771968?view=permalink&id=1552922471449965 This park is taking the piss. Where is all the money coming from?
  5. Coaster Hipster

    Summer 17' Creds in Poland (Part 2: Legendia)

    I had to make it to Poland this year. The self-hype on Lech Coaster was too big for me to handle! A goon friend joined me (not without intense lobbying from my part :p ) on this adventure which would comprise +14 coasters... but no Intamin, Mack or B&M! Part 1: Energylandia But first...