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Energylandia's Future Additions


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At least it’s not another junior boomerang…
It is another Energuś 😏 and when it will open, EL should be the number 1 rollercoaster park in the world.

Btw. On press conference EL said that they've reached 1,8mln visitors so far this season and that their goal for next season is 2mln.

They showed a little visualisation of new economic hotel in Scandinavian style.

Oh and Sweet Valley will be built in 3 stages, but they should build everything in 2022 anyway, probably "theater-restaurant" will be finished in next season.


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That third image is writing some pretty big cheques...
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Looks like they are showing no signs of stopping.
Energylandia covered an area of 26HA back in 2014. This year, they have expanded to 43 HA and about 2 million visitors. In 2025, the park wants to grow even more, they want to get up to 200 HA.

The source shows their plan of adding sweet valley as well as the aquapark and a hotel. Cannot wait to see how different this park is by 2025 and how they will use all that space.
Source: https://energylandia.pl/files/FILM/Prezentacja_SweetValley_2022.mp4


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What are Energylandia gonna do? Buy Zatorland and expand the park all the way out there too?
The expansion will go to the west of the old part of the park (as the Dragon zone, Aqualantis and Sweet Valley) and to the south (with indoor water park, hotels).
The video has an animation of the new Sweet Valley area (from 1:25), clearly showing a monorail track and station in the factory with the chimneys on it:

It will be probably connected to the Dragon zone, there's an empty station already waiting for it.


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Whats the betting odds on them getting a tilt coaster and then a flying coaster?

There are pretty big chances for that, they have received funding for Tilt from the EU some time ago.
Flying coaster? ... who knows, there will surely be next zones with main attractions in form of coasters.


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In the video he said that they have 18 coaster currently. Where is the 18th? Then he started talking about the two that they are building for sweet valley so it cant be those. I wonder if they'll just add another SBF Visa so that Choco Chip Creek can be number 20 and beat SFMM to the record. Wouldn't surprise me. He also said that they big building with the monorail station will be a theatre and conference hall. Meaning that the hotel is one step closer.

I would also take 200 hectares of amusement park with a grain of salt. EL have grown fast but they cant quadruple their current park in area in 4 years. Not even EL can do that. They will probably build a bigger parking lot expand, expand the camp ground and build a golf course. But all that space certainly cant be amusement/water park in such a short time. If you look they just say 200 hectares of investments. Technically solar farms and agricultural fields are also investments.