planet coaster

  1. ImagineerTim

    Schloss Dracula {Multi Motion Darkride}

    New Ghost Train in the Making! It will be a Multi Motion Darkride themed to the Legend of Dracula. I'm making great progress! Here are some first glimpses:
  2. ImagineerTim

    Earth,Wind&Fire Coaster {Indoor Coaster} Now Open!

    Earth,Wind&Fire Coaster One of my recent projects. Rush through the Electric Universe! First construction pictures:
  3. K

    TMTK- Thememakers Toolkit

    What's your favourite or essential TMTK item? Or do you use in-game pieces? Or do you make TMTK Items, share them here!
  4. James F

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Recreation [Completed]

    I've been working on and off on a recreation of my home park Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the past few months. Some areas are better than others as I have found building this park far more challenging than I expected and out of the 3 British parks I have recreated in PlanCo this one has been the...
  5. Matt N

    Sinister Springs

    Hi guys. Just as a heads up, I'm not posting anything I've created here yet, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am still working on stuff in Planet Coaster, and I've created this thread today to introduce you all to a park concept I'm working on that I'm very excited about; I would be...
  6. James F

    Tivoli Beach - Seaside Amusement Park [Completed]

    This is just a short post to say that I have completed and uploaded this park onto my steam workshop. Tivoli Beach is a seaside amusement park which is inspired by real life parks such as Gröna Lund, Tivoli Gardens, Liseberg and...
  7. ImagineerTim

    TITANIUM [X-Dimension Coaster] Now Open!

  8. Matt N

    Who are some of your favourite Planet Coaster content creators?

    Hi guys. There are all kinds of different Planet Coaster content creators on the web, each with their own unique way of creating things. So I’d be intrigued to know; who are some of your favourite Planet Coaster content creators? You can pick anyone, from anywhere on the internet, who produces...
  9. Matt N

    Planet Coaster Throughput Geekery

    Hi guys. Sorry if this seems like a slightly strange thread, but I’ve been having a little play around with Planet Coaster recently, and I’ve tried to work out realistic theoretical throughputs for some of the rides I’ve built in the game. I know it seems like a bizarre and overly complicated...
  10. ImagineerTim

    Tiki Splash {Water Dive Coaster} NOW OPEN!

    NEW 2021 Tiki Splash {Water Dive Coaster} Far away on a tropical island, lies an ancient volcano. Fire meets water and natures forces awake...
  11. Matt N

    Planet Coaster Tips, Tricks & General Chat

    Hi guys. I’ve noticed that even though we have a Planet Coaster sub-forum, there’s no place for more general Planet Coaster chat, and about some more general things people are doing in the game. So I decided to make this topic because I have a tip I’d like to share. If you’ve been playing the...
  12. Matt N

    Planet Coaster using GeForce Now (free version)?

    Hi guys. I just made this thread because I was wondering; has anyone here used GeForce Now to play Planet Coaster? I have a laptop that’s perfectly capable of running Planet Coaster, but due to the fact that the FPS seem to drop considerably whenever I record in this one park (Worlds of...
  13. James F

    Alton Towers Recreation

    With the parks being closed during Lockdown 3 I decided to finally get round to making a recreation in Planet Coaster. In the days when RCT3 was king, I used to do almost nothing but real life parks, but for some reason or another I find them more difficult to do in planet coaster, whether it's...
  14. Matt N

    Desktop PC tips for Planet Coaster?

    Hi guys. I have a question for you all, and it’s regarding PCs to play the game on. Now I should clarify that I do currently have a laptop that I play the game on, and I wouldn’t personally say it’s a low-specced one; I bought it back in 2017, and the specs are as follows: CPU: Intel Core...
  15. ImagineerTim

    Crazy Machines ⚙️

    Crazy Machines ⚙️ Machine 1 "Ice Cream Hot Rod"
  16. ImagineerTim

    Gringotts Coaster [NOW OPEN!] Darkride Coaster ✨

    HARRY POTTER GRINGOTTS COASTER ✨ We found a secret way to enter Gringotts bank technical maintenance vaults! Indoor darkride coaster inspired by Harry Potter and Universal's Escape from Gringotts...
  17. Matt N

    Favourite ride types to build in Planet Coaster?

    Hi guys. Planet Coaster is a game with many different ride types available to build, and if you’ve had lots of experience in the game, there are bound to be some ride types you have a preference for building over others. So I’d be intrigued to know; what are some of your favourite ride types to...
  18. H

    Metropolis 1899 - retro sci-fi/steampunk park

    Hi guys, This is a project I've been working on for absolutely ages, on and off. The theme is a towering city as imagined by sci fi writers of the 1800's. Before anyone asks, it was started before FLY at Phantasialand opened ;) This is still work in progress, and the whole park is big in...
  19. Matt N

    Newman's Pleasure Gardens

    Hi guys. I finally have something new to show you in Planet Coaster, and while I haven't built an awful lot yet, it's something I'm quite excited about; may I welcome you all to my new exploit in Planet Coaster, Newman's Pleasure Gardens! (and yes, I did just reveal what the N stands for in my...
  20. ImagineerTim

    Buzz Lightyear's Flight [Indoor Coaster] ✨? POV Video

    Buzz Lightyear's Flight [NEW 2020] As I'm a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, I've started to built an indoor roller coaster themed to Buzz Lightyear! Here are the first impressions: