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Planet Coaster using GeForce Now (free version)?

Matt N

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Hi guys. I just made this thread because I was wondering; has anyone here used GeForce Now to play Planet Coaster?

I have a laptop that’s perfectly capable of running Planet Coaster, but due to the fact that the FPS seem to drop considerably whenever I record in this one park (Worlds of Globala), I was thinking of using GeForce Now’s free version to record in this particular park, so that I can provide you guys with video content that reaches a more satisfactory level of FPS than my previous videos.

So I was only wondering;
  • If I log in with my Steam account, will it sync my parks over from my computer to the virtual machine that GeForce Now uses?
  • Will things I do within GeForce Now be accessible from my own PC if I save them?
  • If I record in GeForce Now, am I able to save the recording to my own PC?
I would greatly appreciate any advice, if any of you use GeForce Now for your Planet Coastering!


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Two comments - but I'm afraid I can't offer any really specific helpful advice (1 - I don't play Planet Coaster, 2 - I've never used GeForce Now):

Have you considered a non-in-game screen recorder? If you find only your FPS plummets when recording (but is fine during day-to-day gameplay) a far quicker option would be to use a free screen capture software.

You may find Reddit, Steam Community or other online forums (of which I know none) more helpful than CF. The coaster games section is one of the least used areas of the forums - I suspect the number of people who have first hand experience of using Planet Coaster on GeForce Now may be unhelpfully small (read: none).

Matt N

CF Legend
I currently don’t actually use an in-game recorder; I use the recorder provided by Windows in the “Game Bar” on my laptop. I’m not sure whether that would be considered in-game, but it’s certainly not associated with PlanCo specifically.

In terms of my FPS; I personally find them perfectly bearable when I’m playing (high single digits), but it falls to low single digits when I record, as you can probably see in my later Worlds of Globala videos! I was mainly hoping to solve that issue when I record, which is where GeForce Now comes in. I’m not talking about using it for everything, only when I record.