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Matt N

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Hi guys. I’ve noticed that even though we have a Planet Coaster sub-forum, there’s no place for more general Planet Coaster chat, and about some more general things people are doing in the game. So I decided to make this topic because I have a tip I’d like to share.

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you might notice that with the game’s multi-launch coaster models, you are unable to make each launch function as its own block section like a real life multi-launch coaster would. As such, your train is often left waiting for a very long time at the first launch; until the train negotiating the layout hits the brake run, the train cannot be launched from the first launch, leading to waits of a minute or more on the launch track prior to launching. This also substantially decreases the ride’s throughput. Unless you place an MCBR within the layout itself or make the second launch a standing launch as opposed to a rolling launch, this seems unavoidable. For an idea of what I mean, here’s a POV of Black Mamba, a multi-launch coaster I created for my Worlds of Globala park. Notice how the ride stops for what feels like a very, very long time prior to the first launch (skip to around 1 minute in to see what I’m talking about; it takes the ride 2 minutes to launch):

However, I had an epiphany yesterday, and I realised that it is possible to make each launch function as its own block section without damaging the flow of the ride or shaving off any notable speed. The way to do this is to place a tiny section of block brake prior to the second launch. To test this out, I saved Black Mamba as a blueprint and pasted two copies of the Black Mamba layout into a clean map, with no other scenery. I left one layout the same and altered the other so that the first piece of track in the second launch was replaced by a block brake section with a very high target speed (above what the ride was naturally going at at this point) and a very low deceleration, so that the illusion of a rolling launch is still there. Interestingly, the block brake actually improved the ride experience’s ratings in game; the prestige was identical, but the excitement and fear ratings were marginally higher, and somehow, the ride gained an extra 0.2s airtime moment even though I didn’t alter the actual layout at all! The brake section slowed the ride down by only a negligible amount (~1mph) prior to the second launch, and the second launch still hit the same speed, so it made absolutely no difference to the ride experience!

This brake also had a profound impact on throughput. Warning in advance; I’m about to get a bit geeky here!

I tested both layouts (with and without block brake) in testing mode, with no guests, to get an estimate of theoretical throughput for each. For reference, Black Mamba has 4 trains of 20 riders.

Without the block brake, I calculated using the Dispatch Timer app that Black Mamba could dispatch every 1 minute 17 seconds. As the ride has 20 rider trains, this led to a throughput of 933 riders per hour. I should note that in this mode, the ride was always stacking on 4 trains, leading to there never being a gap between trains, so I didn’t need to take it into consideration here.

With the block brake, dispatches were much quicker. In testing mode, I timed that the ride could dispatch every 40 seconds, leading to a throughput of 1,781 riders per hour given that Black Mamba has 20-rider trains. However, if trains were dispatched constantly, I noticed that there was a bit of a gap between the 4th train leaving the station and the 1st train reentering the station. Adding this lag time between trains onto the average dispatch of 40 seconds for the 5th dispatch and calculating the new average dispatch time led me to an average dispatch time of 45 seconds, or a theoretical throughput of 1,600 riders per hour given Black Mamba’s 20-rider trains. Still, even with my more conservative estimate, this still led to a 71.5% increase in throughput!

Hope you find this tip useful to optimise the throughputs on those multi-launch coasters!
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Great idea! I have learnt a few things over time, when I first played the game, I passed over alot of knowledge I had from the RCT3 days, but some of that doesn't translate to Planet Coaster.

When it comes to coaster design, I think I am pretty good in-game, however when designing hyper coasters or any airtime focused coaster I wondered why the excitement rating never past 6 on the drops despite them being steep. I realised that my drops weren't truly parabolic. I was designing from my own eye and the results were more inconsistent than I was willing to admit.

Now though I have discovered if you start with small track piece of a 30 degrees down at the top of the drop, then down to 45 and then 60 then reverse the order you have a better designed drop which actually gives airtime in game and shoots up your coasters rating.

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Matt N

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Are you talking about parabolic airtime hills, like the ones you find on B&M hyper coasters? If so; I too initially struggled with those, but I’ve nailed a bit of a formula with those.

What I do is I build the track for the hill like so:
  • Up part: 22.50°, 45.00°, 67.50°, 45.00°, 0.00°
  • Down part: 45.00°, 67.50°, 45.00°, 22.50°
  • To build a shorter parabolic hill, you can simply shorten the track pieces. Or if you don’t mind more forces in between hills, eliminate the 22.50° track at the bottom. I’d probably recommend the former, though.
Using this technique, I’m able to create relatively smooth, realistic-looking parabolic hills that give the rider sustained negative g’s for a good few seconds.

In terms of a first drop, what I tend to do on my hyper coasters is:
  • 67.50°, 81.00°, 67.50°, 45.00°, 22.50°, level out to 0.00° at the bottom.
Hope that helps!


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I was just thinking the other day while struggling with the path tools that I am a bit rubbish at creating interesting path layouts and making parks feel more natural in their transitions.

There are certain things in the game that I think I am decent at, but other things I am just naff at. Do you guys have you're own Planet Coaster pros and cons in terms of your own skill?

My Pros:
Decent at coaster building - I am not the best in any way, but I think that I do a good job at keeping the coasters realistic. In terms of track profiling I have improved quite a bit since my first builds in the game.

Early Hyper Coaster Build:
Most Recent (Giga):
I will get rid of some of those supports soon.

Keeping Things Realistic- Goes in with my first point, I like to make most of my parks as realistic as possible, now I am nowhere near the level of Pixel Wess, but with each park I try to include things such as transfer tracks and some BTS stuff.

Park Layout
- My parks are pretty boring in terms of layout, all but one are in a circle or square shape with either a lake or weenie as the centrepiece, I struggle with building hubs in my parks, I can build them, but never to where I am satisfied.
20200826204155_1.jpg I honestly don't know what I was thinking.

Buildings and Scenery: I don't think I am terrible at this, but for me it's a patience thing, once I have built the main street I am burnt out so all my other buildings usually lack detail and I usually have a basic approach to landscaping as well.

Any general tips or advice?

Matt N

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In terms of my pros and cons; I don’t know if you guys would agree based on the work I’ve posted here, I’d personally go with:
  • Coaster building - My coasters are admittedly far from perfect, but I’d say I’ve hit a bit more of a stride with coaster building, personally. I’d like to think my rides are fairly realistic examples of their ride type.
  • Putting a good variety of rides into my parks - I don’t know if you’d agree (base this on my mostly complete bar 1 area Worlds of Globala park; on the subject of that area, I promise it’s coming soon!), but I personally like to think that I put a good variety of attractions into my parks, with at least a couple of each out of the following; coasters, dark rides, water rides, flat rides and other rides that don’t fit any of the above(e.g. relaxing/transportation rides), as well as a solid selection for each demographic/thrill level (thrillseekers, families, kids).
  • Theming - Although I’d personally say I’ve improved in this area, I still don’t feel like my theming is as detailed as in many other people’s Planet Coaster parks.
  • Dark rides - Again, even though I’d say I’ve improved, my dark rides fall considerably short of many peoples’ efforts. I often have a tendency to get a bit too trigger-happy with the flamethrowers as opposed to building ambient, well thought out dark rides, and my scenes often lack theming and detail compared to the dark rides other many others build. In future, I’m going to try and aim to make some more ambient, considered dark rides with lots of static scenery and constantly moving pieces as opposed to going all-in on the pyro!
  • Park layouts/symmetrical scenery placement - I’m personally quite pleased with the park layout of Worlds of Globala, and I’d say I’ve considerably improved my park layouts since some of my early creations (in hindsight, the layout of my very first Planet Coaster park was absolutely shocking!), but I’ve been told that I often have a tendency to build things in 90 degree angles an awful lot. This is likely down to the fact I’ve always liked symmetry, and when asked to lay things out, I often do them symmetrically and/or at 90 degree angles. As much as I personally love symmetry, 90 degree angles and making everything look nice and uniform, there are unfortunately no 90 degree angles in nature! As such, in my future creations, I’m going to try and aim to make things look a little more natural, and build less 90 degree angles!
For some idea of the park I’m referencing, here’s the thread where I post the work I’ve done in Worlds of Globala: https://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/worlds-of-globala.44206/


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I also struggle with dark rides, recently I have built them on a much smaller scale which has helped alot as it's not too overwhelming and I find I am more creative with smaller spaces so the small dark rides I build are more detailed then me trying to build a huge boat ride.

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Matt N

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I hope there will be another expansion pack with more darkride systems
I think it would be good if they would include something like an omnimover within the game; they’re always great, high capacity dark rides!

There are also certain coaster types I think the game is missing. The most glaring one for me is the Mack powered coaster; very common, but missing from the game. I also think a Mack XTREME Spinning Coaster would be a cool addition, as well as some coasters able to do the current trend of swing launches/switch tracks, such as adding the swing launch capability to the game’s current LSM Launch Coaster model, as well as an Intamin Multidimensional Coaster-style ride, with some cool trick tracks!