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Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Recreation [Completed]

James F

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I've been working on and off on a recreation of my home park Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the past few months. Some areas are better than others as I have found building this park far more challenging than I expected and out of the 3 British parks I have recreated in PlanCo this one has been the most difficult.

The park is not completely finished as of yet, The casino building needs doing and I need to some how find a way to build the Noah's Ark in an efficient way, but the majority of the park is done. I will upload the steam link when the project is finished if anyone is interested.
I have to give credit to 'Kindley' on the steam workshop for the brilliant support structure I was able to use on Revolution. The Flying Machines was also downloaded from the steam workshop (hence why it's red and not yet dark blue), however I cannot seem to find it on there now, but just wanted to point out that also isn't my build, but I believe everything else is.

Let me know what you guys think!



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That's a pretty solid effort by the looks of things. Always been impressed by park recreation in games, takes a lot of patience to bend the game mechanics to the real world.



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After quite some hiatus I'm getting more into the mood for this game again - despite some of the annoying aspects of building stuff... 😁