1. James F

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Recreation [Completed]

    I've been working on and off on a recreation of my home park Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the past few months. Some areas are better than others as I have found building this park far more challenging than I expected and out of the 3 British parks I have recreated in PlanCo this one has been the...
  2. CineramaMax

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach - 'Head Above The Clouds' potential giant wheel

    A trademark has been registered by Pleasure Beach for what appears to be a giant wheel. Very unusual considering that one of the piers is currently developing a big wheel also.
  3. Matt N

    Where does the 85mph speed claim for The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach come from?

    Hi guys. Sorry to bother you all, but I have a question; out of interest, where did Blackpool's 85mph speed claim for the Big One come from? I only ask because it seems very high for a drop of 205ft like RCDB states the Big One's is; I did some SUVAT calculations, and when applying v2 = u2 +...
  4. James F

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach - April 20th 2021

    As you can imagine, like most people here on this site I was itching to get back to the parks. Despite my initial excitement after seeing pictures of the heaving crowds of last weekend, I became pessimistic about my chances of having a good day back to my home park. I got to the park and I was...
  5. Matt N

    Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach; overrated or underappreciated?

    Hi guys. Scott from Pleasure Beach Experience has made a really interesting video that I thought might be worth discussing, now that Icon has been open for nearly 3 years and has firmly embedded itself as part of the furniture at Pleasure Beach, and has really split opinion among enthusiasts...