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    What Parks do you know like the back of your hand?

    Six Flags Great Adventure and Rye Playland...but there's not much at Rye Playland.
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    Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Giga coaster

    I'm very interested in this ride because Intamin has been putting some intense rides out in recent years. I'd like to see how that works out for this coaster.
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    Whats this effect called?

    I'm posting just because I enjoy MSTRKRFT
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    English Football 2009/2010 Season

    I think they're pretty fly, especially the home kit. The black Chevron makes it pop.
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    English Football 2009/2010 Season

    So. I like how United loses Ronaldo and Tevez. At least I like the new kits. Maybe I should buy the old one before they stop selling them.
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    Hyper and Terrified - CP & KI - Trip Reports

    super jealous..
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    Sex before marriage?

    It is a brilliant post. The brutal honesty amuses me.
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    The big one. Furie's trip with ECG across the East Coast!

    The Bronx is the only borough that matters and you only drove through. I feel insulted [-( . Seriously though, this thread is great.
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    The big one. Furie's trip with ECG across the East Coast!

    This thread is great, but [-X at not setting foot outside Manhattan.
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    Fun games/pranks to do in parks

    Be joking because I'd knock your block off if I knew it was you. Disrespect for real.
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    What do you drive?

    08 Mitsubishi Lancer. I got leather seats and the sound system. I love my car. The little baby Evo not my pic. I'll take some when its not raining..
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    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    I'm going to bring back my hacking with my 2nd new park after I finish the one I'm playing with. Thread coming soon. lol
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    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    By product of the hacking. CP6 would probably know better than anyone if it was ever resolved.
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    MARCH 15th- UPDATE!

    I care about the rides more than the architecture
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    First Thing