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Why do England-themed areas in world-themed parks never contain thrill rides?

Matt N

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Hi guys. As those of you who are reading my Florida trip reports may know, I am visiting Epcot tomorrow. That park contains an England-themed area as part of World Showcase, and that got me thinking; why do the England-themed areas in parks themed around the world or Europe never seem to have any major thrill rides in them?

Take Epcot as an example; their England themed area only contains shops and buildings. Busch Gardens Williamsburg's mainly functions as the entrance area. Europa Park's only contains very small rides. But what is the reason for this lack of major rides in England-themed areas?

If you ask me, there's quite a lot of scope for an England-themed thrill ride. I'll admit I may be slightly biased because I am British myself, but there's tons you could do; you could do a roller coaster themed to the Grand National or something (well, Blackpool took that one, but that's not in an England-themed area.). Or how about a Medieval-themed coaster called something like Steed? Or how about a dark ride themed around Britain's rich history of literature?

What are you guys' thoughts on this admittedly slightly random topic?


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Ok, so there's Epcot, Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Europa. How many other parks even have an English themed area? I'm struggling to think of any more to be honest.
I mean, what exactly is an England themed area anyway? What could you put in it that's quintessentially English?
Pothole: The Ride, a few morris dancers and a fish n chip shop and you're pretty much done. No wonder not many parks bother.


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More to the point is that Epcot is supposed to be the United Kingdom but apart from a brief nod to Yorkshire and Stratford is pretty much Ye Olde London. Where are the Welsh? The Scots? They should build a replica of Edinburgh Castle and put some sort of wizarding ride in it...


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Although not situated in official England/UK areas there are quite a few attractions that contain themes inspired by aspects of UK history such a various medieval themes and rides like Robin Hood or Merlin related things etc.