thrill ride

  1. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Chessington World Of Adventures | Croc Drop | Zamperla Sky (Drop) Tower

    According to the forum and further social media, Chessington have submitted a planning application for a new, what looks to be a Zamperla Sky Tower, around 25m, to replace Rameses Revenge and cause the relocation of Flying Jumbos. The rumour is Rameses and Jumbos will close/relocate at the end...
  2. Matt N

    Why do England-themed areas in world-themed parks never contain thrill rides?

    Hi guys. As those of you who are reading my Florida trip reports may know, I am visiting Epcot tomorrow. That park contains an England-themed area as part of World Showcase, and that got me thinking; why do the England-themed areas in parks themed around the world or Europe never seem to have...
  3. kenny cook

    crazanity: full ride review!!

    hey y'all!! i got the chance to head on down to six flags magic mountain last night and ride crazanity a total of 3 times, so here's my in-depth review!! i'll give you a spoiler: i was pretty underwhelmed, and a lot of people i spoke with shared by same sentiment (while the ride looks insane...
  4. Mr. Big

    RideOp - New Thrill Ride Simulator

    Hi CoasterForce! My name is Victor, I'm a game developer for a small studio named Gurashop based in Spain and the United Kingdom, but most importantly, I've always been a hardcore theme park enthusiast and follower of this website from as early as 2006. I hope I am not breaking any forum rules...