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What was your first coaster to feature an inversion?


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For me it was either Corkscrew at Alton Towers or The Klondike Goldmine at Drayton Manor, not to sure which one was first but I hope it was the classic Corky rather than the bog standard Pinfari looper :lol:


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First loop: Vortex Kings Island, 2010
First Inversion: Steel Hawg, 2009
I wasn't tall enough to go on any others before that.


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Traumatizer at pleasure land Southport before it went to bpb. I think I went not long after it opened

It was actually my first proper coaster

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First was Nessie at Hansa-Park. The 2nd already was Thriller at Hamburg SommerDOM.


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Vortex at Kings Island. It wasn't so rough when I first rode it, but then again, I'm too old to remember any pain from it so...


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Technically, the first "coaster" that had an inversion was when I rode a Maxflight simulator at my science center. I know that technically it is not a coaster, however, the forces felt just like a real roller coaster (except for the wind). Here is what the Maxflight simulator I rode looked like (this Maxflight simulator is called bluemax):

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I think it was Corkscrew at Myrtle Beach Pavilion but I can't be sure. It was either that or Mindbender at SFoG. I went to both around the same year. Pretty sure it was Corkscrew.


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I'm pretty sure mine was Colossus at Lagoon, but it could've been Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's as well. It was quite a while ago, so I'm not completely certain.


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Some random Arrow Dynamics coaster in Indonesia called "Halilintar"
It had a loop and 2 corkscrews
It was a decent ride