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What was your first coaster to feature an inversion?


CF Legend
I had never done an inversion until 2014 when I went to Alton Towers...and I did The Smiler first.
I'm not kidding.
But at least I knew that I liked inversions :D
That's actually brilliant. What a coaster to break your inversion virginity than the one with the most - I take my hat off to you!


Roller Poster
This is embarrassing. That Vekoma Corkscrew at La Ronde. I think it's called Super Manege or something like that. Wish it could've been something else.


Giga Poster
My first inversion was THE first inversion (of the modern era): Corkscrew at Knott's Berry Farm, the year it came out.


Roller Poster
I don´t remember when (it has been long time ago :-D ) but it was Boomerang in Prater in Austria :) I am glad it was this one. It isn´t specially long, high or fast but I think in sort of way it is a really special coaster :)