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Hi there all!

That "hope to update soon" became a little more than a year.

Sorry for that. Verry bussy job and some holiday projects took more time from me than expected. (will be shared soon)
Good news. The new area of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark is ready for showcase!

I remade the Fling Island movie yesterday as the view has changed quite much.
Recorded it with Cheat engine it speed hack option. slowed the game down till 25% original speed. Then while editing you speed back up the video speed to 100% and you gain your needed fps for higher quality video's

I'm still recording the clips for the new B&M Flying Coaster "Watpho" and it's time consuming working with speed hack. But that full presentation video will follow soon.

Futher I would like to share some pictures of the new park area "One night at Bangkok"



So now I will go back and start recording again. Hope to be back sooner now with the full presentation video for "Watpho" the ride.


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Hello everyone,

After 2 weeks of editing en recording the full presentation of "WatPho" the ride is finished.
Take a ride on this highly decorated Flying experience in a highly decorated themepark.

hope you enjoy it!


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Hello everyone!

I've made a Steam workshop park upload for the whole "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.
You are free to play around with it, stream it on your channel or whatever you would like to do in it.
Just don't pretent it's your own creation. If you would like to showcase it on your channel feel free to do so. Please notify me so I can check your broadcast or join your chat as creator.

Have fun with it.

Walk on the wild side Part III