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"Walk on the wild side" Themepark [WIP]


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Hello Coaster friends!

I'm new here on the Coaster Force forum.
About 16 months ago I started to work on a Planet Coaster sandbox project called "Walk on the wild side" Themepark that is now far enough to show to you all.
This will be a WIP thread as I have not that mutch time to build on it but doing my best to keep it updated once in a while.

"WOTWS" is a park that will grow area by area organically. As the name suspects, it will contain rides with a Wild twist. Yes the rides will be some times against the border of realistic on the stats and that is exactly the meaning of this place. I hope you like it. ;)

So time for some visuals!

The entrance. A bit of a brain braking thing for me at the moment. I'ts not close of being finished but it give the idea of walking to some sort of gate.
Somewhere in the future we will come back here to finish it off.

After the park gate you will walk in to the Entrance area railway station for "the Iron Horse" Railroad Company.

Here you find the historic heart of the park with some flat rides that opened in the first season.

At the opening season of the park we opened with a stunning new RMC coaster called "Walk on the Wild side" The Ride.
It contains 3 inversions and has a fast and furious lay-out. Operating with 3 trains in 5 blocks including a MCBR for increasing capacity.

Here you find the full onride of my first PC build coaster.
Steam coaster blueprint: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1160217556

Here you find some area views of the coaster.

Coaster station

Spot the first 2 inversions.

3rd and last inversion.

Back in the final brakes

Area overview of "Walk on the wild side" The Ride.

Leaving you all for this moment. I hope you like the startup story of "Walk on the wild side" Themepark.
Next update will be the second season and the new GCI woody "Boulderdash"

Thanks for you're attention. Any feedback will be appreciated :)


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Only commenting to say "awesome"!

Looks like a pretty cool terrain coaster, although maybe erring on the side of fantasy? Pretty epic, though. :) Can't comment too much on the building method in Planet Coaster, but some of the track shaping feels a little like there are too few track segments meaning you get these funny transitions. Maybe something to look in to for the next coaster.

Also enjoyed the phantom arms!


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It certainly looks very pretty from afar, PC seems good for that. I admire all the scenery interaction. Gonna get a bit moist from those waterfalls.

Agree with the above regarding transitions, but that could just be the game. In everything I've seen the coasters never handle quite 'right' and I haven't managed to get into it for that reason.
So I'm not one to talk, but for what it's worth - feels a bit overly slow through the first hill, the MCBR and the 2 hills from 1:53.

Also welcome.


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Thank you both for your comment and opinions. I have to say you both have it right. This was my first coaster build in this game and is the one that is absolutly the most on the border of fantasy than in real life possible. I used track sections of 20 meters mostly and for that moment it looked pretty well. Now taking my experience on building coasters in PC a year later this is defenatly a kick-ass ride but far not my best creation. I started this project 16 months ago and as it will be updated you will see me growing in building and designs will get more spectacular. For example: The railroad station building was one of my last creations but needed it to be in the begin of the story line of this presentation. At the moment I'm working on Coaster number 7 of the park so we are in the junior fase of this showcase ;)

Update Season #2

The opening season was a great succes! "Wotws" The ride is beyond populair so I had to extend the waiting lines for it. For the second season "Wotws" Themepark contracted GCI to build us a custom layout wooden coaster. The ride will be named "Boulderdash" and is located in the redstone mountains area of the park. "Wotws" chose for a second coaster mostly to get the pressure from the "Wotws" the Ride. The park also invested in 2 flatrides for the same reason. "Suicidal" A huge Gyro swing ride is placed in between of Wotws The Ride and Boulderdash. The second ride is a Huss Topspin called "Overload" what is located within the layout of Boulderdash. Across the location of "Overload" I attempt to build a first restaurant building. For the smaller visitors I put down a kiddy carousel for their entertainment.

Here you find the full onride for "Boulderdash" GCI Coaster
Steam bleuprint: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1159193247

The visuals:

"Suicidal" The new Gyro Swing

"Overload" The new Topspin

The "kiddy Carousel"

"Boulderdash" station

"Boulderdash" Wooden GCI Coaster

Watersplash effect

Nice area shot

During the second season "Wotws" Themepark started the gound works for the new ride to open in season 3.
Next year "Wotws" Themepark will open a custom designed Gerslauer Eurofighter Coaster.

G-force stats of "Iron Stomach"

Thank you all for your attenention and see you all back on the "Iron stomach" Season 3 update :)


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Season 3.

"Boulderdash" was a smash hit for the 2nd season of "Wotws" Themepark. The attendance keeps growing and growing. So must the park too.
For season 3 "Wotws" contracted Gerslauer for a custom designed Eurofighter model as new ride. The new coaster is located in the green mid sector of the park.
The first coaster outside of the Red stone Park area. This part of the park we will return in season 5 and 6.

Now "Walk on the wild side" proudly presents! "Iron Stomach"!
"Iron Stomach" has 5 inversions and operates with 3 trains in 4 blocks. Unfortunately I did not put in a MCBR to keep the speed in the ride. For the capacity it was not a wise idea.

Anyway. Here we have the full onride:

Steam workshop blueprint: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1191246972

And here some nice visuals of the new ride.

Thank you for your attention. :)
It will soon be season 4!


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Little bit lumpy in places, but liked the terrain interaction. I do like that first picture, looking up at the ride behind the waterfall. :)

How easy is it to do the tunnels? Does it 'auto-generate' them (a-la RCT), or do you have to modify the landscape manually and then aim the track down the tunnel?


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Hi Hixee.

Thanks for your comment.
Tunneling goes automatic if you select the option when building. You can set the diameter also there. You can wide it up later manualy with the landscape editor. :)
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Season 4 will start with the opening of coaster number 4 "Dragon Fury" Will be the coaster for the smaller and less brave "Wild side" walkers in the park.
This Zierer coaster has a custom layout and is became a nice fast ride with some hot encounters with a dragon. Running to the Dragon cave to escape from it.

To be honest I only took the time do something with the landscape than I spend time on the cave. For that I will return later as I have a big project starting up in the park for season 5, 6 and 7. But first the new "Dragon Fury"!

For the onride please click here:

Steam Blueprint:

Here some Pictures of the new ride:

So now it's time for the biggest project of "Walk on the Wild side" Themepark it's history. A new park area called "The Raptor Valley".
The project will contain a Wild rapid river Called "Roling River". (Season 5) A massive RMC T-rex box tracked coaster (Season 6), A Rocktopus Rodeo Arena (Season 7), Rodeonaut Lab (Season 7), Wild West themed Railway station for the Iron Horse Railroads. (Season 6)

The groundworks start half season 4:

First priority goes to the "Rolling River"

A whole Western village will apear here as setting for the Rapid river Ride

The "Predator" RMC coaster takes it's place in the landscape.

Infra structure! New park sections need drinks and food.

Rapid station

Themed shops

2nd round of inspiration on the same shops.

From another angle

First ride theming

Town Centre is getting shape.

More town Centre

More and more details are added.

Finnishing touch.

And there you have it! At the start of Season 5 the "Rolling River" opens for the public.
Here the final result!

And here you find the onride:


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Season 6: "Predator" RMC Coaster

As the Raptor Valley was completed with the opening of "Rolling River" Wotws started the work on the "Predator Valley". In this "Valley" the station of "Predator" will soon be build. At the same time the infrastructure of the area was finished and a second "western style" station was added to "The Iron Horse Railroads" that now was turned in to an operating people mover.

Now it's time to present the biggest and boldest new addition to "Walk on the Wild side" Themepark!
It's name is "Predator". A RMC T-REX box track Coaster containing a 80 meter big loop, 2 dive loops, 2 corkscrews and an inline twist to give it a nice end.
Every inch of this coaster has been taken well care of and this creation is totally bended by the hand. The first part is high, fast with big elements. After the MCBR the coaster keeps low to the ground with high speed and some strong helixes and corckscrews. Landscapes: skelletons in redstone mountains, Lava lake, Lava trench, waterfalls, canyons, western village.

Track length: 2476 Meters
Hight: 100 Meters
Biggest Drop: 95 Meters
Lat-G: 2.7
Ver-G: -0.83 up to 5.37
Max speed: 158 Km/ph

And here you find the full onride of "Predator"! Enjoy!

Park blueprint from Steam Workshop:

Coaster only blueprint from Steam Workshop:

For the new season Wotws Themepark launched a media campain of four minutes.
It's a nice recap of "Walk on the wild side"Themepark to see the park comes alive.

Here the pictures of the new ride for Season 6 of "Wotws" Themepark.



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That first drop and loop combo is just obscene. :p


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Thank you Hixee!
Yes it is :D the 2nd leg after the MCBR I'm pleased with on this coaster design. It worked out just as I had in mind. The last inversion came out so beautifuly smooth that I still wonder how I did manage that ;)

So after the last update I started to work on the night time showcase of this coaster and park area. I put in some lights.
Find here below the new night experience of "Predator"

Then I gave the track some green glow.

Now it's time to put some more rides in this area. I relocated the Octopus ride to this area and renamed it as "Octopus Rodeo Area"

And I added the "Rodeonaut Lab". Some kind of human testing device.

For the new season "Walk on the wild side" themepark is working on a vintage pier. The first ride to be opend will be a Wooden Bobsled coaster "Flying Turns".

So that's it for now folks!
Thank you for your attention.


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Great stuff! Love the lighting on Predator there, really makes it pop.

The ornamentation on the Flying Turns is fantastic as well. I'm looking forward to seeing that area of the park develop!

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Great stuff! Love the lighting on Predator there, really makes it pop.

The ornamentation on the Flying Turns is fantastic as well. I'm looking forward to seeing that area of the park develop!

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Thank you! I start to develope a Vintage Palace that would give room to a Wooden wild mouse coaster.
Unfortunately I have a creation block about for decorating the inside of the building / Ride. The exterial got some shape already.

Station and que entrance building

Lakeside view

Work in progress

Lakeside daylight view

Still a lot to be done

Some theming

Area overview

Due to the inspiration block on this project I decide to start a new project for the park and come back later to the vintage area when inspiration kicks back in.
So I turned to the other side of the lake what is close to the centre point of the park map. This will be the brilliant spot for the Main centre ride of the park.
"Walk on the wild side" will get it's own central castle. And it's not gonna be a Cinderella one. It's gonna be some more sinister.

We have a start!

Custom operators booth

Que area building up

Ride gate to the outside world

Last scene of the ride.

Hope to have been for your entertaining or inspiriation!
See you all back when I got new stuff to show :)


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Time to update :)

The new project got a name. "Judgmentday" The ride.
In previous update I got myself allready in trouble. The scenery piece count killed my frame rate as 1 pillar is counting 800 pieces and the inner arches and windows are 1800 each. After 180.000 scenery items I foud out that I needed to scale down massively the whole project. It changed the whole area in a good way.

The ride and the idea behind it:

"Judgmentday" The ride, takes you to a very neutral un-explainable tensed area. The caste seems to flow on the mist and has not a friendly or scary exterial.
The ride starts without a story. You just depart and have no cleu where to. Suddenly there is an accident. A thunder bolt hits the tower and it slams trough the whole car you are in. You wake up in the mist and moving trough a dark tunnel. The riders are electrocuted and on their way to "Judgmentday". Will it be Heaven or Hell...

The new castle of "Judgmentday":

by night:

I made a screenshot timelaps video of the whole project so far:

Inside deep below the castle waits the most important moment of your (after)life.
After getting some instructions about the position you found yourself in the tour gets tense.

The electricution.

Your instructions.

We start the tour with "The Hell". No worries yet. It is only sightseing.

The "worst" Chaimber.

The "disposables"

Here you find a video of the start to the hell scenes. There after the tour will continue to "Something" (WIP) "Heaven" (WIP)

Also I like to recommend my "Walk on the wild side" Themepark Promo. I created a sort of fast showcase of the whole park with a nice tune under it.
You can really see the park comes alive in this latest park recap.

Thank you all for youre attention. :)


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HI dear readers,

So now the summer season is ending the work on Wotws Themepark itself has been picked up again. First I started with "Iron Stomach" to light up for evening openings and was the last of the big coasters to get a light plan.

Wotws the Ride and Predator from another view.

Made a new waiting line area for Wotws the Ride.

Iron Stomach dive loop.

Some nice view.

Total overview

Total overview

Inside the Island of Judgmentday I'm working on the next chapter of the story.
The "something" part of the ride. For everyone who has been good and believe in something. Your creator will give you a look behind the fabrics of space it self. you can pick your own pixel there and reincarnate.

I started to make some Space panels for the ride.

Big and small ones

Gassy ones.

In practice panel

In practice panel

In practice panel


Pick here your pixel. Every single one is a galaxy on it own. Retry life and be reseeded in the pixel by choice.

Some building shots

And that is the work done I can show up till this moment.
Hope you like it


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Let it go... Let it go.....

I jumped of the ready by Halloween schedule. To many details to be finished yet and it would harm the final outcome of the project. Quality above Quantity I prefer.

A lot of problems with frame rate to solve and I have to come with a better idea for the use of smoke nuzzles to create a heavenly atmosphere in the Heaven section.

Well heaven now is a place on earth. Or better: A place on "Walk on the wild side"

Let me show some pictures.

Up to the sky!

Inside the mountain after the fabrics of space section you will be elevated trough the stairs of heaven to the heaven itself.

Welcome to Heaven.

some forced prospective in the back ground.

The "heavenly coaster"

Coaster station

View inside of heaven before it will be closed and hidden in the mountain.

In this last shot I deleted the smoke nozzles as they create an 1 fps on-ride experience. Instead I made the ground white and put some floodlights just under the surface. The visual outcome is not that good as with the smoke but it is reasonable enough to keep on going.

Well that's about it for the moment. The heaven will be finished in the coming weeks. Inside triggers screens and other effects optimization will be next. Than still have to finish the exterior of the whole project. This could be an early 2020 ride if I have to estimate.

Thanks for your attention. Any feedback, tips, trick or advise on fps improvement is welcome at the moment.