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Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread


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I'm slightly confused about something... Are the Vekoma Hyper Space Warp and Energy Storm the same thing? We haven't seen any Energy Storms pop up yet or even know the layout, but I'm sure Vekoma chaned the name to Hyper Space Warp, yet RCDB claims there are two under construction. Unless this is to be the unannounced layout Vekoma have planned to be released.


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Funnily enough, Vekoma did tender the project (Icon) and didn't get it. Their layout was quite different and it had another launch over by the Go Karts Track where the train would stop, then launch again from static. The layout was really cool and to be honest, I'd have been quite happy with it.

Intamin also apparently pitched an idea similar to Taron, but with absolutely no theming items, terrain interaction or ride interaction, so PBB decided against it and went with Mack instead.
Do you have any pictures of the Vekoma layout?

Matt N

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I'm not sure if this is the full story, but I remember watching a PBE Q&A where they said something along the lines of;
  • The manufacturers that tendered the Icon project were Mack, Intamin and Vekoma.
  • Out of the initial layouts, the Mack one was actually BPB's least favourite, but due to the Thompsons' strong relationship with the Mack family, they opted for Mack and did some tweaks instead of going with a different manufacturer.
EDIT: Whoops, sorry for going off-topic; never realised this was a Vekoma topic until after typing my reply!