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Top Coaster Moments


Giga Poster
So many.

The stand out is Lost Gravity's first drop, which is a few seconds of insanity that I can't see being beaten - there's something so strange about the floor so suddenly dropping away from you like that.

The sharp turn/drop combo on Wild Mouse - First time you do this, it catches you completely off guard. You approach the first set of ultra-sharp turns and brace for pain, then before you regain your composure, you're straight out of your seat on a double set of buckets-of-airtime hills.

Fluch's launch - Best launch is either this or Stealth, but this is just so strong, and, on a first ride, so unexpected.

Taron's second launch and waterfall - weirdly this one bit worked for me better in the day. I think the sun illuminated walls after the launch track completely envelopes and disorientates the rider, before suddenly popping out into broad daylight.

Premier Skyloop II backwards airtime - So fuuuun (probably heightened by being immediately after a backwards launch)

Cu Chullain mini-airtime hill - After a perfectly shaped first drop, a teeny-tiny airtime hill thrusts you out of your seat in a tunnel - Magic!


Mountain monkey
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That little kink in the track just before Loopen's corkscrew. You sit there with the chain lift sound still ringing in your ears, quite by the tame first drop, sort-of-amused by the coaster's eponymous selling point, but realizing you're more than halfway through the layout already and thinking that this was overall a totally underwhelming ride as a whole. You're uncomfortable in the (probably wet) plastic seat and the restrictive OTSRs. But then suddenly the track does this little jolt, letting your head slam into the OTSR, and then fireworks go off before your eyes and you realize you're having the time of your life and that Loopen is the best ride ever. As a side effect, you suddenly feel very intelligent, but are unable to pronounce it. A shame about the pink elephants that appear right behind you from then on, though, but they usually go away after a week or so.


Donkey in a hat
I'm trying to come up with some great moments that haven't been mentioned yet, but I keep ending up at things that we've already covered: Helix's big airtime hill, Nemesis' first turn, X2's first drop, Fluch von Whatsisname's launch, pretzel loops etc etc...
I'm gonna throw in Leviathan's first drop from the back row. That's a proper 'Whoaaa' moment right there.
Shout out to Volcano's second launch too. Didn't see that coming. And it makes the same noise as Taron :)
And I'm gonna get grief for this but... sitting on Kingda Ka's launch track waiting for take off. For whatever reason, operations were slow that day, which meant an extra long wait in the launch position, I'm guessing a good 60 seconds or so. Man, that was a long wait. One of the scariest moments of my goonhood. Some poo may have come out.


Hyper Poster
I love the first corkscrew on Nemesis. Up until that point the ride hugs the ground so the inversion feels like you're being whipped high up into the air. It has such a wonderfully old school B&M snap to it too.

Obviously the helix and zero g that follow are amazing.


Strata Poster
I immediately think of what's in my Top Ten, as they have a quite a few holy **** moments.

Skyrush - Everything major element. First drop, airtime hills, twisty hills. Oh my god they're incredible.

Boulder Dash - The quick bunny hills found on the second half of the ride. They happen so quickly that you don't have time to appreciate each one.

Beast - Particularly at night when the sense of speed is far greater. The tunnels are fantastic as well, especially when it comes to how long they last and how close you feel to touching the walls.

Millennium Force - Still has one of the best first drops, and the speed bunny hill is amazing.

Nemesis - Corkscrew/helix/zero g combo. The two single best inversions I've experienced, and one of the best helices as well (it helps that it's low to the ground).

Maverick - Extreme airtime moments and the launch.

Mako - First drop in the back seat. It feels like you're falling out for so long.

Phoenix - Your ass is literally out of your seat during the last four bunny hills.

Dragster - Everything from launch to brakes.

I know I just listed my Top 9 (Storm Chaser unfortunately doesn't have any WTF moments, which is why it's at #10), but they really do have the best moments I've ever experienced. As for which of those is my favorite? Probably Skyrush, because every element is a holy **** moment, and that's why it's my #1.


CF Legend
I'm just going to go with my top 5...

Taron - the first airtime hill, the dive under the building and then that really weird airtime/lateral combo straight after. The second launch. The S bends into that really powerful overbank and into the big S hills, just a brilliant combination of elements.

Helix - the drop out of the station is fun. The dive into the massive Norwegian Loop, the following airtime hill, that really rapid transition into the helix before the second launch. The massive inversion. The following airtime hill.

Wildfire - the first drop. The Zero G Stall (which is also my favourite inversion). The following outwardly banked hill. The airtime hill and the sideward curve at the top. The final Zero G.

Shambhala - the first drop. The ampersand, speed hill and following airtime hill combo.

Balder - the first drop. The hill into the tunnel.


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People have already listed many of these, so I won't go any further than just listing them, but these moments have always stood out to me:
Beast at Night
Lightning Rod's quad down
X2's first drop
Skyrush's airtime
Nemesis' first corkscrew, helix and zero-g combo

I think I've got a couple that people haven't mentioned though:

Phantom's Revenge's second drop: This was one of those coaster elements that I first saw on one of those "wildest roller coasters in the world" type TV shows, probably around the early 2000s. It was always one of those "I'll never get to ride this" type things. Thankfully, the 2010 USA Live took us through Kennywood, and I finally got to see what all the fuss is about. The first drop is a bit poo, especially with the straightaway right after, but as you crest the first hill and see the 220+ft drop in front of you, poking through the tiny hole at the bottom, you realise that it really is quite a special coaster moment. Then you start speeding down the drop, gaining speed at an almost alarming rate, before squeezing through the supports and heading back uphill. It's a fantastic piece of coaster design, and, in my opinion, a "great coaster moment".

Nemesis' final corkscrew: Hidden, fast and forceful - I think this one speaks for itself. Although that could be said about most of Nemesis!

That's all I can think of for now - I'll add more if I think of any! :p


From CoasterForce
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Boulder Dash - The quick bunny hills found on the second half of the ride. They happen so quickly that you don't have time to appreciate each one.
Oh, god, YES! They're such a good punctuation to the terrain section. Each majestic hill made me feel like Sarah Rafferty had put her hand down my pants.


Matt SR
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Thinking a bit more:

First Magnum XL-200 Tunnel
This is an acoustic sensation. This tunnel follows the second airtime hill, with the train packing a decent bit of speed. However, the roar of the train, screams of riders, etc. all get squeezed into this tunnel, which results in a wall of roller coaster noise sweet to the ears. It really is a physical sensation of sound.

Upstop Wheel Hum in the Final Brake Run
As more large classic wooden coasters get RMCed, we unfortunately lose another great sound - the upstop wheel hum. This is the literal spinning of the upstop wheels in the final brake run, which is another fun sound to listen for, especially on older PTC trains. Mean Streak, Ghostrider, and The Villain were some of my favorite examples.


Mountain monkey
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Okay, now for a couple of serious ones:

The launch on Formula Rossa
The acceleration. It goes on and on. And on. You're kicked into a roaring stream of air, but the kick keeps going until you're going faster than what seems sensible. And then up a hill, and you're high in the air before you can collect your thoughts. The trim brakes aren't really that noticeable either, you're still going insanely fast.

Thundercoaster's first hill/second drop
Had to mention one from my home park (well, technically not anymore?). The lift hill on Thundercoaster goes along a hillside, so it doesn't feel like you're that high up when the ride begins, especially if you sit on the left side. Then a sweeping drop begins, you turn, dive under the structure of the lift hill, up a crest...
...and suddenly you're in mid-air, or so it feels. The only structure taller than you in the immediate area is behind you, so everywhere you look is down. As I said, the lift hill goes along the side of a hill, and the first drop turns towards the hillside, but now you've done a complete 270 degree turn, so straight ahead you're looking down the hillside, further enhancing the feeling of being high up. And this first hill is also the site of Thundercoaster's steepest drop, and is (well, was) taken at quite some speed, so you're thrown out of the seat, or so it feels like. You've crested the hill and your body has the momentum to continue a forward motion, but the train and its lapbar pull you down instead. So you're hanging there, in mid-air, while the coaster drags you in a direction that feels like straight down. And then you hit the tunnel. A shame the ride is a total roughness-fest from there on. It was quite amazing in its first few years, though.

Also seconding all the Helix statements. It's a great coaster.


Strata Poster
Mr Freeze (Texas, before it became Reverse Blast) - at night, front row. Heading up the spike straight towards a field of stars against the black sky - lovely stuff, will stay with me always.


Mega Poster
Skyrush's first drop and CRAZY last hill
Phoenix's bunny hop finale
Fury 325's first drop, in the back, at night, with a loose harness (I was basically standing up during the drop)
Raptor's (Cedar Point) ending helix where your feet feel heavy
Incredible Hulk's launch, at least when Bruce was screaming about the failed experiment before the launch tires kicked in
Also at IOA, the Dragons, when they duel at the loops
Diamondback's splashdown, just because it looks cool (not much for the experience, though the rest of the ride is terrific)
El Toro's first drop and ending curves


Mega Poster
Diamondback's splashdown, just because it looks cool (not much for the experience, though the rest of the ride is terrific)
If you ride diamondback in one of the very back outer seats you can stick your hands out behind you and touch the water. It makes the splashdown a lot more fun onride.

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The Legend
Voyage at night.

Those of you who love Beast at night have no idea what you're missing. The last two years, myself and couple old CFers hit up Holiday World in the late fall and ride that monster in the complete blackness of a New Moon. Holy. Sweet. Jesus. I was in complete and utter shock at how amazing it was. If I could chose ONE experience to ever do, of all the ones I've done, Voyage at night wins by miles and miles. If you haven't done it, DO IT. You will never regret it.


Coaster MILF
A few that people have already mentioned but the ones that stand out for me are -
Wildfire Zero G Stall - Just the weirdest element ever, how can you be upside down but getting airtime at the same time. It's so surreal that it seems to go in slow motion.
Stealth's Launch - You'd think i'd be used to it having ridden it so many times, but no it punches me right in the gut each time and takes my breath away.
EGF First Drop - Especially on the front row, as it starts dropping but before the twist and you can't see any track, that was a proper WTF moment.
Sheikra First Drop - It makes me feel like I'm flying in a way that no other Dive Coaster has done. I just love it.
Every airtime moment on Helix - No explanation required.

Jake Martell

Roller Poster
Dodonpa's Launch- Closest thing us mere mortals will ever get to experiencing a space shuttle take off...beyond outrageously intense.
Dodonpa's (RIP) Top Hat- Arguably the most insane ejector air time on a roller coaster.
Thunder Dolphin at Night- The ride itself is somewhat sub-par...but riding an Intamin hyper coaster in the center of the largest city in the world is a pretty fantastic experience at night. The city skyline views are breath taking from 260 feet up.
Rusutsu Resort Ultra Twister Last two heartline rolls - The ride is different from most Togo ultra-twisters in that it replaces the switch track with a dive loop, so you travel into these final two heart-line rolls with ludicrous speed.
Cannibal Door Opening- Reaching the top of the elevator and only being able to see a few feet of track ahead of you is always a shock...and the drop itself is asinine.


Donkey in a hat
^I must admit, I had to Google 'asinine' to see what it meant, but yes, great word - I'll be using that one in future.
CoasterForce - it's fun and educational.