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In other Liseberg news, Flumeride now has the writing on the wall. The attraction will soon be going with Liseberg CEO Andreas Andersen saying "We are planning on replacing it". Flumeride has just turned 50 years old and will need a very substantial renovation, therefore the park prefers to replace it entirely with a new modern Flumeride.

I am hoping for something as good as Chiapas. Flumeride has started to feel tired and is pretty mild.

Source: https://www.gp.se/nyheter/göteborg/flumeride-hotas-kan-ersättas-efter-50-år-på-liseberg-1.97397127
As long as it stays open for 6 more weeks so I can get at least one go on it!


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As long as it stays open for 6 more weeks so I can get at least one go on it!

I am sure it will. It will probably stay at least this entire season, if not more. The article quotes Liseberg's technical head saying "It has served it's useful life and although we have not made the final decision, I can say that we are discussing it's future". Flumeride is probably the most well known ride in the park and whenever it will close I am sure it will have a big celebration.

When asked if Flumeride cant just be renovated the technical chief says: "It won't pay off. The foundations would have to be fundamentally redone. So we will have to buy a new attraction".

Then they continue talking about how Flumeride together with Lisebergsbanan and Kållerado are the park's highest capacity attractions and how it will be problematic taking any of them offline for a longer time.

The Liseberg CEO finishes off saying that Flumeride was one of Liseberg's best investments ever. It cost 7 million SEK to build in 1973.
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It gets better.

Disney trolling the nasty-right-wing Florida politicians now.

Well if anyone had been following the Disney/nasty-right-wing Florida politician news recently ;)

Disney now filing lawsuits in retaliation....

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One of the earliest Jinma mine trains, Monte Carlo Race Track at Happy Valley Wuhan has completed a retheme (https://rcdb.com/10078.htm)

The original theme was a weird truck/race course theme. And in my experience riding it back in 2014 it was one of the duller of the Vekoma/Vekomalike mine trains

The new theme is more traditional mine train theme.


Not the best retheme either but it looks better than the original, The trucks being kept are weird though.

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Conny-Land extending Cobra's track in the wackiest possible way, most likely to increase the speed of the backwards portionView attachment 23577
This popped up back in my head, so watched a few vlogs that have Cobra running with its new, errr, thing. Still appears to trim as much as it used to despite the extra track, with the ride continuing to crawl over the backwards hills (if anything it appears to be running slower).

Could the track extension be a "rain mode" for the ride then? I'm not sure, but am eager to see the extension being used

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Mako at SeaWorld Orlando is currently being repainted by Baynum Painting:
http://instagr.am/p/Cr04xHCO932/ I noticed that quite a few areas of it were looking a bit faded in recent POVs, so it’s great to see that they’re doing this work to the ride!

The ride has been shut for around a month so far, and it will reopen “in a few weeks”.
Mako has now reopened, and it looks very vibrant, in my view! This POV shows off the new paint job quite nicely:
I'm glad to see the ride back open and looking so striking!