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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


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A truck transporting several ride cars belonging to the ”Heidi” spinning coaster (not to be confused with Heidi: the Ride at Plopsaland) caught fire while on the motorway yesterday, damaging both the truck and the ride cars beyond repair. The driver fortunately managed to escape the burning truck without injuries.

The coaster’s appearance at an upcoming fair in Oberhausen had to be cancelled because of this, and the owner of the coaster is negotiating with Reverchon over getting temporary access to cars made for a spinning coaster currently under construction while permanent replacements are being manufactured. The owner hopes the coaster can still make an appearance at the Moerser Kirmes in September.


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Dynamic Attractions has been sold. The struggling manufacturer was bought by a Hong Kong-based financial services film at a bankruptcy auction for about CAD$2 million. The company had assets worth far more than that, but liabilities valued at over $30 million led to the sale price being so low. In exchange, a lot of the company’s debt will be forgiven.

DA will continue to operate with their current staff intact, but it appears that a lot of its manufacturing equipment wasn’t included in the deal, including its plant in Vancouver. Most of the assets will be auctioned off in July, and a demonstration track for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey has already been bought up by Universal for a little under $150,000.



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Excellent, it's one of those small things which made the park feel tired and uncared for, being them back.


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Wait til you find out what high-speed, white knuckle, inverting thrill ride the poor lass is referring to. 🤣
The reporting is hilarious, but operators really should be checking stuff like this if only to avoid the OTT negative publicity, and for basic public re-assurance among those who may be in two minds whether to go on rides.


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I do wonder if this is a response to the current geopolitical situation. Western manafactured rides can't be imported into Russia at the moment. And I assume russian rides can't be exported to most of the rest of the world.

Giving pax pretty much carte blanche as the only major coaster manafactured available to most russian parks. The appearance of a possibly new (although possibly relocated) wild train a few weeks ago did make me wonder if they might reappear.


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Another fairground ride was damaged in a motorway blaze last week. A truck carrying parts of the ”Rio Carnival” funhouse caught fire while driving down the A12 motorway in the Netherlands, leaving a large hole on the side of the trailer. There’s been no reports of injuries, but the extent of the damage caused to the ride remains unclear.