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Six Flags Fiesta Texas | DC Universe | Flat Rides | 2024


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@Tonydawild1 hate to backseat moderate but if I can suggest either downloading the images or heavily cropping those screenshots, love the coverage but it’s gonna be another month of this and a month of phone screen grabs isn’t pretty. Simpler for us all, you might also find it easier :)
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It's making fun of millions of avoidable deaths, would it be ok if I joked about the holocaust or slavery? I find it disturbing that a CF admin comments something like that, and has laughing reactions from other admins, whilst also being "wholly united" on other topics which "abuse people" I expect the comment will be deleted and we can move on with our shared passion civilly, cheers


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We are in the final week of clues any final predictions guys? I say a coaster or a flat ride package with a new theme area by Goliath in the front of the park .


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Gonna be honest, I don't give a flying 💩 what this could be anymore. We're at 50+ "clues" by now, it's just an impractical amount to keep caring about. Jeffrey is the man when it comes to park investments (ex. ordering a 4th B&M Dive train, surely a half-million dollar expense there), but my GOODNESS, this has dragged on far too long.
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