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Silver Dollar City | Mystic River Falls | River Rapids


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I’d imagine the seatbelt is very much necessary for the drop!

I was thinking the lift as much as anything else. Even if people are not daft enough to stand (and people sure are daft) they may lean round to see/admire whats going on and to come. With great caution I probably would :rolleyes:


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Err .. Helloooo! Why didn't anybody tell me about this? I mean, I saw the thread title enough times - new rapids ride - woopie doo, doesn't SDC already have a decent rapids ride?
I'm talking about that giant, rotating elevator contraption and the 82ft drop! WTF? ?
Looks fantastic! Loved this park so much, definitely wanna go back someday.


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Yes it is, although I believe RES is partly formed by some former engineers of ABC Rides - who have made rapids and the like before.
Never seen anything built quite like it before. Looks like a decent quality rapids too, I wonder how it compares to some Intamin rapids rides, namely Infinity Falls.

Were the previous rapids the park had any good? I'm guessing this one is significantly larger.
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This is the same lift mechanism as the one at Wiener Prater. It's pretty scary when you're in a boat on a lift platform and it tarts twisting while rising. Nice to see more parks investing in bolder water rides.


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You should see all the whinging from GP on Facebook who are stating they MUCH preferred the original despite never actually riding this, due to it being too thrilling.


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Had no idea it had a large lift hill besides the elevator, but the ride looks fantastic (as expected)!
Doesn't look particularly soaking though. I'd say the ride looks on par with Infinity Falls.

Might be because of the empty raft. Less weight = Less soak from my experiences on Congo River Rapids at Busch Gardens Tampa. Every time I was by myself I remained dry, every time I had a full raft I got soaked.


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wow, that thing hauls. looks like more airtime than orion.

does it have little wheels underneath, or is it just sliding on the tube section?