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I made jokes about Phantasialand for taking so long to build Rookburgh, but this…
Phantasialand took about 4 years to finish that project. Six Flags is now also at 4 years, BUT
Phantasialand had to
- dig down several meters on a big area
- add a layer of new ground level
- construct big, themed wall
- build a complete hotel
- theme the whole thing to a mostly very high degree

While SF just had this. Do I even have to make a joke about this?


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Each year of the delay has been chalked up to something different, right?

2020 opening - postponed due to Covid
2021 opening - postponed due to Covid / possibly 'cos they realised they forgot to buy the turntable
2022 opening - postponed while they build the turntable at a snail's pace and want to get a full summer of use

It strikes me that Covid notwithstanding, it could easily have opened in 2021 for a decent enough summer run - if they'd bothered to order the right stuff.


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I wonder why it’s taking so long?
It's because of the novelty factor. They could probably finish the coaster and have it open in a month or so, but August is a little too late in the year to bring out a new attraction. It's too late for the new attraction to amplify the summer crowds. Meanwhile, it would have lost its novelty factor by the next season. It would be "last year's thing" already. It makes sense to wait instead, and have a "New for 2023!" attraction to make guests hyped in 2023. Contrast a "new for 2022!" thing that only hypes a third of the 2022 crowds, and leaves little to be excited about in the next season.


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My money is on a 2024 opening tbh. Based on the construction so far, I imagine they would have ordered a garden hose to fill the water basin, and we have to allow time for that.
That's generous... Are you sure you don't mean a drinking straw?