six flags

  1. J

    2023 Goals

    My goals for 2023 is passed Calc 1 and to face my fears and ride all the coasters at my home park Six Flags St Louis. What is everyone’s goals for 2023?
  2. J

    What defunct coaster do you miss the most?

    What defunct coaster do you miss the most? For me: Shockwave at SF Great America/GASM at SF Great Adventure
  3. TPoseOnTantrum

    Six Flags 2023 | Racing P'Sghetti Bowl Coasters at Two Parks?

    Might as well make a thread for this while it's still a rumor. After a rather disastrous earnings report from Six Flags due to... err, the new strategy, Selim Bassoul made a full 180 and stated that they would restart capital investment at their parks again. New rides and coasters, pronto...
  4. C

    Wicked Cyclone or Twisted Cyclone?

    which RMC redo of the iconic Cyclone do you prefer?
  5. MurphNation

    Six Flags St. Louis New Coaster or Ride Coming soon?

    So apparently markings have been sited at Six Flags St. Louis. I saw a few posts on twitter about it, then I saw a couple of youtube videos so here's the info: On the Former Tidal Wave plot their is marking sightings, Now this could really be anything but this could be big! Local Missouri...
  6. Groot

    The Riddler Mindbender at SFOG

    Anyone caught wind of a re-opening date on this one?? I haven't been able to fit on it since I was 18, which is almost 13 years ago, because of my long legs. I actually have missed out on a couple other Schwarzkopf models too, because of my long legs. When they announced Mindbender was getting...
  7. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Frontier City Removing Wildcat?

    So, I've checked for evidence (if you guys wanna check it out too) but Wildcat at Frontier City has no visible website anymore. Now, I'm taking this with a pinch of salt but there was also a video recorded by a member of Frontier City Thrills on Facebook that showed Wildcat, then flashed to an...
  8. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Six Flags America 2021

    Now this isn't confirmed however one of my Subscribers on YouTube has said that electrical work has been spotted at the site in between Joker's Jink and Whistlestop Park. Obviously isn't the best source (I know) but has anyone else heard something from this?
  9. Matt N

    What led to Six Flags' downfall as a company?

    Hi guys. With all this talk of an economic downturn due to coronavirus, Six Flags is a name commonly being thrown around in terms of a theme park company at risk. But they seem to have been a bit up and down over the last decade or two (ironically, their financial state seems to parallel an...
  10. adrenaline1996

    Six Flags in the UK - Could it ever happen?

    Hey everyone! From just researching theme park stuff tonight, looking into the international expansion of Six Flags, I was just wondering if the company could open a park within the UK? Whilst the plans for parks in Dubai and China have fallen through, I still imagine that the division for...
  11. H

    What is the most 'average' Six Flags park?

    I have never been to a Six Flags park in my life. I live in the UK and these parks have always seemed quite far away. Whenever I hear about these parks and their rides I often get confused about which is which. How many Batman: The Rides can there be? How many of them are Inverted Coasters and...
  12. astead04

    What theme park's entrance is your favourite?

    For me, the parks with the best entrances are: •Islands of Adventure ('The Adventure Begins/Lives On' ? Also the music is great) •Alton Towers (I absolutely love the entrance music here and Towers Street always gets me excited) •PortAventura World (Mediterranìa is a brilliant and beautiful...
  13. Nitro12345

    Tall riders on launch coasters

    Hi everyone. New here, but have been enjoying posts for quite some time. I have a question regarding the headrests on Kingda Ka and other launch coasters, like TTD, Maverick, etc. On Stormrunner my head had to be held back, face facing the sky with the top of the headrest poking my head...
  14. Ibuddy66

    First time Posting - SF Darien Lake

    Well, I went to Six Flags Darien Lake this last week on Friday (7/12/19) and had a pretty good experience up until the end. If you had been in the last few years, you may recall the park becoming more and more like an abandoned park that just happened to have people. The rides were in poor...
  15. Coop

    Six Flags: The most Magic of all the Mountains.

    Recently returned from a trip to one of my major bucket list parks, Magic Mountain, and what a trip it was. With a friend in the airline industry I managed to get an ultra cheap flight out to LAX for a two night trip from the UK, an opportunity i absolutely could not turn down. Magic Mountain...
  16. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Frontier City Preparing For 2020 Attraction? I wasn't sure where abouts on Google Earth this is, but it sounds like it's a big site for a potential attraction!
  17. Coaster Chall YouTube

    The future of Six Flags New Orleans... Demolished Looks like we'll finally get closure...
  18. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Green Lantern First Flight Will Be Retracked|Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Six Flags have just announced that they'll retrack Green Lantern First Flight rather than remove it, to 'improve the ride experience'!
  19. Matt N

    SFOT | Aquaman: Power Wave | Mack Power Splash | 2023

    Hi guys. I was just reading through Screamscape when I found this interesting item from quite a while ago that I'm surprised no one has picked up on: Sounds very interesting, especially if it is to carry the same theme as the ride it is replacing! What do you guys think? P.S. Here's the...
  20. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Six Flags Over Texas Bought By Hershand Family Entertainment?

    I know the only evidence of this is an Instagram story post that I just came across, but apparently, news recently shows that there are current talks for Hershand Family Entertainment to buy Six Flags Over Texas (with the possible mention of St Louis and Over Texas) by 2021 (for Over Texas...