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SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor | 2021


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JD Construction Update 9:-

The entrance portal is actually great:-


And the entrance to the ride plaza:-


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Oops, which one did I post in? Sorry, I was using mobile so it's kind of awkward, must've accidentally clicked on the wrong thread and didn't notice.


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Here's a better video without any goon cringe:

Along with Stunt Pilot, it's pretty clear RMC have figured out the pacing with these things. Not as violent as the originals, but this superior layout looks fantastic. That stall is gonna be delicious.
The coaster looks to run a little faster in that video than the one I posted too, since it looks late in the day.


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It looks great, particularly the stall, though perhaps a little too slow through the zero-g before the MCBR?

It also looks to have the same jolts going over the track joins as pointed out on the Stunt Pilot POV - really hope that has a negligible effect on the ride experience otherwise it could be a bit headache-inducing.