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Roughest B&M?

Matt N

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Hi guys. As many of you probably know, B&M are known for making very smooth, enjoyable and high quality (well, in my opinion, anyway) coasters. They're my present favourite manufacturer. But have you ridden any B&Ms that were the exception to this rule of smoothness?

For me, the B&Ms that I found rough were the two sides of Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure. Strangely, I found that both sides, especially the Chinese Fireball side, had some rather dodgy transitions, and I'd personally say that both are/were my least favourite B&Ms when they operated.

I'd also say that I found Incredible Hulk in the same park to surprisingly be not that smooth (albeit smoother than Dragon Challenge) given that I rode it 3 weeks after it reopened from its major retrack, although it wasn't unbearable and I've always liked the layout. I also seem to remember Manta at SeaWorld Orlando being a bit rattly (although I seem to be the only one who thinks that, so maybe I just caught it on a bad day or something). But for the most part, B&M build wonderfully smooth coasters, in my opinion; keep it up, guys!

But have you guys ridden any rough B&Ms?


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Dragon's Khan is also currently the most painful B&M i have ridden.
Going to ride Rougarou in June though so i guess that could all change.

Edward M

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Of what I’ve done, I’d say Green Lantern which is gross. I would’ve said Mantis, but Rougarou isn’t that rough.


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Dragon Khan was pretty rough when I last rode it ~3 years ago.

Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia is pretty painful, the bottom of each valley is rough. Like a jackhammer. I did 4 rides and I could feel like my back starting to get painful, something that never normally happens. A shame as it was a great ride but just a little too rough to reride over and over again.


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Dragon Khan bashing makes me sad. :( Love that ride, still one of my favourites. Sure, you can feel the thing, but it ain't rough. Y'all are just pussies.
Having said that, my answer might upset a few folks - Nitro at SFGAdv. Now, I'm fully aware that Nitro is not known for being particularly rough. In fact, a lot of people rate it very highly, but on the day I was there, on that train, in that seat, it rattled like a bitch! I actually managed 3 laps over the day but kept ending up on the same train - the yellow one I think? and it was always towards the back of the train, so I never got to sample the other trains or a front row but each ride was the same - rattly and juddery. You could actually see bits of trim on the seats in front rattling about, and feel the juddering sapping the speed and, crucially, the airtime. Very very disappointing indeed.
Had a better ride on Raging Bull, and that really is saying something.


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That I've ridden, Green Lantern.
I know it usually goes to Mantis/Rougarou but I never find either sooo bad.
I should say, in 2017 my ride on Hulk was brutal. Every inversion sans the loop, every turn, bashed me. Had a pounding headache! But then 2018 it was perfectly fine. Some said the recent retracking did screw it up and has since settled, seems that was the case.

Honestly, I never found any B&M rough. The "rattle" I just.....dont care about. Maybe I got a higher tolerance, but yeah never bothered me and except for GL (which still was far from the worst) I never found any "rough". Even Kumba, I heard years ago "been showing its age" but when I went in 2018, thus 25 years old, in back row I found it perfectly fine. One point or two may have thrown you around but that's not rough imo that's just the intensity.


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That I’ve ridden it has to be dragon khan but it’s excused, certainly better than most 24 year old coasters. It’s not that rough it’s just noticeably ‘bumpier’ than most B&M rides. Even for B&M near perfect track profiling, 24 years of hard use is certain to fatigue the track somewhat.


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Vortex, Mantis, Green Lantern... seeing a trend here.

The usual rattle found on other rides isn't a huge drawback, but these three rides try to hurt you in multiple ways.


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Dragon Khan. Green Lantern is bad but not sure it's because it's rough or because it's a standup. Same with Apocalypse, but it's not as bad as Green Lantern.

I actually thought Diamondback had a weird rattle but nobody else seems to have noticed this so maybe it's just me. It wasn't exactly rough though.


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Most of the Standups have been ridiculously rough, Vortex and Mantis take the title for me, can't be sure which one I hated the most.
Green lantern actually wasn't that bad. Kraken, but maybe it's just crap, not rough :rolleyes:

The old Hulk's 2nd half was disgusting, the first half was fine, but that 2nd half was the worst.