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Roughest B&M?


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Just to echo what's been said already, Dragon Khan was very 'eh' when I rode it and definitely one of the rougher B&Ms I've ridden. But, even comparatively, it's not even rough in contrast to other manufacturers efforts.
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Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia is pretty painful, the bottom of each valley is rough. Like a jackhammer. I did 4 rides and I could feel like my back starting to get painful, something that never normally happens. A shame as it was a great ride but just a little too rough to reride over and over again.
Whaaat? I did 3 rides without even getting off on a quiet evening a couple of years ago and could've carried on all night if they hadn't been about to close... Surely the bump at the bottom of each hill is just you finally landing back in your seat after all that glorious floater? ;)

My pick would probably be either Dragon Khan or Kraken but neither are actually rough are they?


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I'm surprised no one mentioned Scream !
Although, before, I used to not really believe a steel coaster could ride well one day and significantly worse the other day, I just thought people had different tastes and tolerances and that was why we couldn't agree about them being rough or not. And then SF Discovery Kingdom became my home park. The first time I did Medusa, it was mindblowingly smooth and I got a crazy airtime on the drop. I came to the park another day, all excited, and to my very surprise it was rough af, I couldn't believe it. So I guess this kind of poll doesn't actually really make sense, even though some rides show their bad face more often than their good one.

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Green Lantern/Mantis for me. I don't find Rougarou to be THAT bad (note: I've only ridden Rougarou once since the transition from Mantis).

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i ****ing hate green lantern not because it’s rough at all but because of the **** layout and turning my legs to jelly rougarou is actually rough in my opinion so that’s why is say rougarou is worse then green lantern


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That I've ridden, Green Lantern.
I know it usually goes to Mantis/Rougarou but I never find either sooo bad.
I should say, in 2017 my ride on Hulk was brutal. Every inversion sans the loop, every turn, bashed me. Had a pounding headache! But then 2018 it was perfectly fine. Some said the recent retracking did screw it up and has since settled, seems that was the case.

Honestly, I never found any B&M rough. The "rattle" I just.....dont care about. Maybe I got a higher tolerance, but yeah never bothered me and except for GL (which still was far from the worst) I never found any "rough". Even Kumba, I heard years ago "been showing its age" but when I went in 2018, thus 25 years old, in back row I found it perfectly fine. One point or two may have thrown you around but that's not rough imo that's just the intensity.

That is now the roughest B&M I've ridden. That s**t hurt.