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Rank the RMCs

Dan Nguyen

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1. Arie Force One - this ride is incredible in the back row. Pretty standard RMC in the front.
2. Twisted Timbers - a lot of RMCs feel really short. This one is the perfect length. Wish more RMCs were like this
3. Iron Gwazi - It has some great standout moments, but it feels a tad short for its size
4. Lightning Rod - another ride that would benefit from an extra 500 feet. The highlights are phenomenal though
5. Wildcat's Revenge - It gave me a bad first impression, but its grown a lot on me. Still has a few issues like the gut-punching brakes
6. Iron Rattler - yet another coaster that would benefit from an extra 500 feet. The first drop is one of the best in the world. Wish they'd add these trains to other RMCs as well. The gen 1 trains are perfection.
7. Railblazer - I really hope after CGA closes, the park that gets this ride will take really good care of it. Its really insane but it also hasn't aged as gracefully as most RMCs have.
8. Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso - basically Railblazer with worse theming, but better operations
9. Storm Chaser - its a bit short and I only managed one ride on it, but that one ride was really memorable. Its also a great place to do plane spotting. That's pretty much the only benefit to having an uncovered queue.
10. Goliath - another short RMC. It does pack a punch in its short layout, but it leaves you wanting more. My thighs probably appreciated the short length though lol.
11. Jersey Devil - this might move up in my rankings. If you ride on a colder day, it feels about as fast as the prototypes. Still an insane coaster.
12. The Joker - It reminds me of a mini Iron Gwazi. The elements don't hit nearly as hard as Gwazi though.
13. Wicked Cyclone - its a great ride, but you could tell RMC was still learning the ropes with this one. It starts out really strong but the pacing feels off compared to the newer ones.
14. Twisted Cyclone - another short coaster that packs a mean punch. Sometimes I wish the ride was longer, but my thighs appreciate the half layout.
15. New Texas Giant - not bad for a first try. I got a foggy zen ride on this and it was amazing. Gerstlauer needs to produce more RMC trains. These are basically train perfection
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