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Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters


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Maybe this is all of them? I should note that I ADORE launch coasters, particularly of the Intamin variety, so even the ones at the bottom are coasters I've enjoyed.

1. Taron, Phantasialand - duh?

2. Formula Rossa, Ferrari World - excellent launch, loads of speed, endlessly rerideable. But only in the front row haha.

3. Maverick, Cedar Point - really fun launches and an excellent layout to follow. As close to a perfect coaster as one could wish for.

4. Red Force, Ferrari Land
- Very good at going fast.

5. Stealth, Thorpe Park - As above, but punchier launch.

6. Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point - As above but for some reason not as fun as Red Force? Don't ask me why.

7. Furius Baco, Port Aventura - Underrated. The one-two punch of the gut-wrenching launch plus airtime hill plunge down in to the valley is *chef kiss*

8. Kingda Ka, SFGAdv
- Fun, big, but rattly. Not rerideable, one and done but still fun.

9. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures, IoA - Launches are tied into the narrative perfectly. Animatronic blast-ended skrewts.

10. Steel Venom, Valleyfair! - One of my most reridden coasters of my 2019 rode trip. Just a hoot with some forceful launches and weird sensations.

11. Wicked Twister, Cedar Point - As above but a bit less.

12. Possessed, Dorney Park - As above but a bit less.

13. Vertical Velocity, Six Flags Great America - As above but it was raining.

14. Cheetah Hunt, Busch Gardens Tampa - Random ride, doesn't really know what it wants to do. Some fun racing transitions and at its best when not distracted.

15. iSpeed, Mirabilandia - Don't particularly remember what happens but I do remember I wasn't particularly enamoured.

16. Kanonen, Liseberg - Good fun, I miss it, but Helix is aeons better and no need for both in the park.

17. Rita, Alton Towers - Underrated with a good launch and some fun airtime but not my favourite.

18. Desert Race, Heide Park - As above but not as good.

19. Speed Monster, Tusenfryd - Aside from it being my 600th coaster, I have zero memory of this coaster, hence bottom of the list.


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Sorry if this is a slightly random question, and one that probably doesn’t have many people who could answer it, but out of interest; has anyone ever ridden Senzafiato at Miragica or Skycar at Mysterious Island? I’ll admit that these are two Intamin launch coasters that very much intrigue me; I’ve never heard much about them, and I actually think they look like really strong coasters, at least in terms of the Accelerator Coasters!

In terms of my current ranking, I’d go with:
  1. Stealth
  2. Rita
  3. Cheetah Hunt
I’ll be very interested to see how VelociCoaster, Pantheon and Toutatis (amongst others) stack up in people’s lists once they’ve opened! I’m hoping to possibly get on VelociCoaster next year, and I’m very excited to hopefully ride it!
I've done Skycar. It's fun, but short. The launch isn't particularly strong, but there's a decent pop of airtime on the hill that goes through the loop.

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