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Phantasialand | Taron | Intamin launched


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ThomVD said:
Probably among the most popular European parks on CF.
Maybe even the most popular park..? At least one of the four most popular parks of Europe: Port Aventura, Europa Park, Efteling and Phantasialand.

The only thing Phantasia has against it is it's size. Other than that it's an amazing park, with amazing theming and amazing rides for children and thrill seekers alike! Earlier I've fancied PA and EP due to size, but with the opening of Taron I'm most certainly sure that will change :wink:


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^ Don't forget Alton Towers! :wink: Which isn't surprising, it being mostly a British-based site. But yeah, that's probably the top 5 European parks, with Phantasialand possibly being the most universally loved park.


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Why don't we have a park tournament? Not unlike the now finished coaster tournament. It'd be very interesting.

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^ We had one in 2013, but nobody has picked it up last year. If somebody has interest to organise it (like valleyfair has for the coaster one), I'm sure people would participate. :)


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I love this picture. So much track.


CoasterFriends are doing a fantastic job with updates.


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I'm amazed at just how much is getting rammed into that space. Concerned that they won't even commit to a 2016 opening, but I guess that's just them being extra cautious after Chiapas!


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Just gonna put this out there, but, Cheetah Hunt is commonly slated because it's just 'meandering curves' and not much to it, aside from timing, this is really going to have a very similar riding experience yet everybody is losing there **** over it.


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^I can't speak for anyone else but I found the meandering on Cheetah Hunt to be a lot to do with being out in the plains once out of the initial trench, only the S curves were fun and is basically an out and back with not many elements.
This will be near miss filled, diving into tunnels, 2 proper launches out of tunnels, potentially lap bars and is said to be faster.
I think the looks and the fact that it's Phantasia theming is exciting.


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Social Media Team
Yeah, the word meandering is perfect for Cheetah Hunt but not for this.

This is a totally different beast.


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Some new photos - Coasterfriends forum - original source

2nd launch - Shame that it's not enclosed, but it looks amazing!


2nd launch exit into tall twisty section


Mess of track, supports and theming


Section just before 2nd launch


Quite a few more on there, these are the best ones imo.


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Wow - that even looks better than Disney! This'll probably be one of those rides where if you put it in a field, it would be good to mediocre, but suddenly becomes world class with the sheer scale of the theming and the near-miss points.

Imagine if they lit it up at night :p


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^ Have you even been to the park? Chiapas is beautiful both in photos and in person, and Taron looks stunning already and it's not even finished!

It's great they got rid of the western themed area too, I find Wild West areas in theme parks are getting boring now.


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Social Media Team
I'm sure the theme park you're building with the million you're going to raise on Kickstarter will be so much nicer.


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I respect people's opinions, but I have a hard time understanding how anyone could find this, or even worse, Chiapas (?!) fugly.... How..?