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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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I also think they will never really include the dragons in any of their permanent decorations. Its something they can change over the course of the years if tgey want to or need to
Take a Look at River Quest at the Swirl you can see a Statue of Schneck.

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I think it ll rather be some Winjas or so. The style looks the same as in the queue of winjas at least

That would be super lovely. Also maybe a hint at Wuze Town getting some TLC in the somewhat near future (especially the kids area needs some glass panels in the roof, and a proper state-of-the-art ventilation system).

Take a Look at River Quest at the Swirl you can see a Statue of Schneck.

Schneck <3


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Is it possible that it's a new Dragon for Rookburgh?
Yeah it is possible they might introduce a new dragon for Rookburgh. However it is generally believed/speculated that Rookburgh will part of Berlin which already has a dragon - Drago.

On the Rookburgh teaser/concept art sign there is a mention of "AIRRAIL COMP." with presumably the company's logo which features a stylised dragon.

The symbol also appears on the F.L.Y. artwork sign. This company presumably will be a part of Rookburgh's story, and the logo will appear in the new area.
I imagine incorporating a dragon into the logo will be their nod/reference to Drago in Rookburgh.

Schneck is depicted in Klugheim (for example on the Klugheim sign on the main bridge down towards Taron's entrance) and involved in its story - he watches over and protects the village from the nearby ruins of River Quest (the centre of the theming added to the whirlpool in 2017 is the throne of Schneck).
The Fiesta Temple/party cave in Chiapas features a statue/animatronic of the Mexican dragon Queztal joining in with the Día de los muertos celebrations.

And Eric Damen (part of the creative team) did say in an interview after Klugheim opened that they want to include the dragon characters more in the future.

So whether Drago plays any larger/other role in Rookburgh remains to be seen. I'm not sure how they could; but PHL backstories are usually quite bizzare so who knows? Maybe he is CEO of the airrail company :p.

Personally I could see the dragons playing a larger part in future dark rides/story driven attractions. If the assumption that a new dark ride will replace Geister one day is true then I could see the China area's dragon called Wang being incorporated into the story and ride. Maybe a scene with a big Wang animatronic? ;)
But I disgress; back to Rookburgh!


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Yes, but you wouldn't be able to see through the wall, you'd see the wall on which the zeppelin is attached to. Here's a crude Sketchup model to demonstrate this very boring point that I'm trying to make...


When you stick two halves on an object on both (or one) sides, you can obviously see that it doesn't go all the way through. Even if there was a fake hole in the wall, and there was a little gap around the edges of the zeppelin and the fake hole, you would still be able to see at some angles that the wall is solid and the illusion would be ruined, surely?


Whereas when there is actually a hole in the hole (albeit a large one in this example), you can see that the object does actually go through the wall, and protrudes out of the side, like you're suggesting. So although I could be wrong, I don't think half of a Zeppelin would look good smacked against that part of the wall unless they can convince the eye that it does indeed go all the way through. Even if they make the zeppelin high up and the "hole" only just big enough to fit the half-zeppelin into, I don't see that looking good. Or you could set the half zeppelin deep enough into the wall but without going through it, but even that wouldn't work for all angles. So yeah, that's why I'm saying it would make more sense to me for the zeppelin to go all the way through, rather than half of it tacked onto the wall, which would look terrible. The only solution I can think to combat this, on the top of my head, would be the drape fabric or something along the sides of the object, with the zeppelin peeping through, but again, I don't think that makes sense.

Of course I could be wrong, and Phantasialand might do it and find a good way of making that work. But I just don't see that yet, and Phantasialand would want everything to look perfect. That's why I'm finding it hard to understand why some of you guys think that half of an airship stuck onto a wall would look in any way convincing. And of course, it seems a bit dumb to have a hole in a wall which is designed to block sound from travelling.

Anyway, somebody on Phantafriends has posted another shot of the new theming on the Wuze wall...


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I mean like the above. In your render (no offence) it looks bland, but with sufficient themeing it wouldn't ;)
Something like this but with a zeppelin would work (see attachement).
But ofcourse i was just assuming stuff. It was more like a "cool idea" rather than a real thought :)


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I mean like the above. In your render (no offence) it looks bland, but with sufficient themeing it wouldn't ;)
Of course it looks bland, it's a white wall with a pill shape going through it? I was demonstrating a point about viewpoints which you are still not understanding. And that photo you've provided does work in a sense, however unless Phantasialand only want a tip showing through a messy, smashed wall, I don't see it happening. It's Phantasialand so it needs to look nice, this isn't Thorpe Park.


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A zeppelin would not fit at all with the natural Wuze style/theme of the Fantasy Area. The park's concept is separate immersive worlds, no overlaps. Absolutely no chance on this side of the wall. On the other side in Rookburgh itself however I would be surprised if we don't see a Zeppelin in some shape or form - it's an extremely prominent feature of all the concept images.
Also in the weird oval shape there parts have already received the first layer of concrete for Universal Rocks theming. So there won't be any structure mounted over that.

I can imagine that these theming elements will be a modern take on some the features in Wuze Town itself - with a higher budget and Universal Rocks doing it they can make it look more realistic.
The animal face has a long beak - so I could see this being a new take on the recurring bird motif in Wuze Town. And the weird large shape could be some sort of massive fake window maybe like those around Wuze - if it is not then I've absolutely no clue as to what it could be!




Given the quick pace of work I wonder if they will have the Wuze facades finished for Wintertraum (late Nov) and maybe reveal them in full for people to walk up to and look at; similar to what they did with the Rookburgh gateway in the Berlin street? It would also for guests disguise the fact there's a construction site and return Wuze Tal to some normality for the first time since 2015.

Also some shots from last weekend posted on CoasterFriends.de






EDIT: Even more concrete added. Curious and curiouser...
ANOTHER EDIT: Different view of the new layers. Source
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Continuing updates on the now 2nd most infamous wall in German history...

They have started to erect scaffolding on the next section of the wall. We will probably start to see theming here take shape over the next week.


The right hand side is now extremely detailed with Wuze style rocks and spiralling vines. Presumably this is the final layer and painting will be next step here.