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Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021


Strata Poster
Given we've previously heard how the 'Krampus' element of the attraction will be more implied rather than explicit, it'll be interesting to see just how much rockwork they do.

No denying though that if they have something like that, and they execute it well, it'll look great.


Hyper Poster
Let's be honest - if this Krampus element was produced in real life it'd be approx 130-150 ft tall judging by that image...
Intrigued but not expecting anything crazy. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong


Giga Poster
Update 11/11 :



You can literally see the shape and size of it here, with the horns and everything.

Edward M

Strata Poster
Leaving out the fact that the coaster looks quite short and the marketing is way, way overselling it, I must say that I think Krampus Expedition is among the greatest coaster names of all time. It makes no sense but says absolutely everything you need to know.

"So what kinda ride is it?"
"A Krampus Expedition."
"I mean is it, like, a dark ride? A roller coaster?"
"It's a Krampus Expedition"
"Yes I understand that, but you're not answ-"
"It's. A. Krampus." *pause*
*pause* "Expe-"