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Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021


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I don't think these have been posted before.. Plans of the ride:

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And another piece of concept art, this one of the station:
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All images sourced from Nigloland, via the ECC:

Looks like a decent addition still imo, but the promo and marketing images are hilariously overselling it

These are the first concept arts that actually make sense.
All the others are all over the place. I like the rock work that you pass through. I know a few coasters that can use a small addition like this.


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Middle brakes (number 7) are not presents on the layout's final version. Rodolphe Gélis (Nigloland's COO) explained why in my interview for Niglofans.fr :

Niglofans : Does the idea to not place middle brakes comes from Mack too ?

Rodolphe Gélis : No, it's my idea. It annoys me to be braked before a drop, it's the worst feeling on a rollercoaster. On the 10 meters of brakes planned initially, i kept 5 meters of straight line to place the drop after. I wanted a surprising effect of fall, with two splits. Straight line use to give a pause before the best element. Mack did a organic layout, but I had the fear that, at the morning when it's cold, the boat doesn't pass the airtime hill.

I emphasized to Mack's ingeneers that the brakes would not be useful for the capacity. With the brakes, there would have been less than ten seconds on block section between brakes and runout (transition between splash zone and flume section), and less than twenty seconds on previous block section. We can't do unload, load and dispatch in less than thirty seconds.


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Nigloland Design Team:


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I assume it's getting the water effect over the airtime hill like most watercoasters?

Yes. First phase of the thematisation is this Krampus head, and will be finished at the end of 2020. In january, the second phase will begin with cascades, rocks around the lake, islets... (and a 45m long wall which will go along the hotel's access, to avoid that the water goes on the road)