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Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021


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Those are nothing but guidance wheels to keep the load on the other two wheels. If you look at every Mack water coaster you can see that the track is banked/shaped everywhere to avoid putting stress on those wheels. It is simply not built to pursue any aggressive manoeuvring.


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I had the chance to interview Rodolphe Gélis (Nigloland's COO) and Brandon Cheddadi (Nigloland's concept artist) for Niglofans.fr. It was the opportunity to take stock of the 2020 season, and to ask questions about the Water Coaster.

Here is a short list of the principal informations I could have :
- The name "Krampus Expedition" is confirmed.
- RCS has been chosen for its speed.
- The last big ride oppened in 2016 (100m Funtime Drop Tower), so the park wanted to build a roller coaster for 2020-2021. The lack of water rides gave a Water Coaster.
- The first idea was an Antlica SuperSplash-like : elevator lift, turntable, backward drop, turntable, drop and splash. But it was impossible to place it in the park.
- Nigloland has the idea to build a Water Coaster since Poseidon's opening, in 2000.
- The ride will be the biggest and longest ride of the park, with the biggest budget.
- Tritube reinforcement is due to new standards : the boats are haivier, so the track has to be haiver too. It was not a idea from Nigloland or Mack Rides to avoid rattles.
- There will be no new boats or laps bars.
- Twisted Airtime Hill is an idea from Mack Rides.
- No trims before the drop because Rodolphe Gelis doesn't like to be braked in a coaster.
- 6 boats, 850 riders per hour.
- Theme by Universal Rocks.
- 45m long sculptured wall, that will vary between 3 and 7.5m high, with high altitude alpine rock.
- The goal is to not scare kids, so the Krampus will be figurative.
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