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New rides @ small parks


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Amazes me that in 2021 a new loop-screw has been built!

I'd say thanks to China loopscrews are probably the most numerous thrill coaster model built year on year to this day.
I'd have to do some research but there's a number of manafacturers in China who build variations of the model and almost every new small to mid sized park in the country gets one.

The more things change the more they stay the same.


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Whoa, how random. Too bad the ride isn't very interesting, or maybe I just got back to back poor rides on Bling. But good for them. Looks kinda funky missing a row


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Well that is a surprise! It looks to be on the old topple tower spot. I wondered whether it was temporary but it looks to be cemented in. There was quite a difference between Air and Mechanica and this one looks quite fast so it could be decent. Either way I am surprised to see it! Apparently there are more rides to come in the future.


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Whilst that does NOT look like an enjoyable ride, I agree it would be a perfect fit :)

In other news, don't suppose anyone knows where Fantasy Island are up to with their Wacky Worm? I'm heading up at the weekend and annoyingly looks like +1 rather than +2.
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Is no one going to mention that ridiculous Banzai half pipe in the video? Who the f*&# would pay to ride that POS?

skip to 1:50