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So I've recently decided to put actual effort into listening to new (well, for me anyway) music instead of listening to the same 20 tracks from 2007 over and over again. So here's some things I've been enjoying recently:

I always find it interesting how people end up in the same place considering the angle they take to get to that place.

Throughout my college years I pretty much only listened to dubstep & garage, but that lead to me listening to things like Modestep & pendulum, and fox stevenson back in his really early days (see - Fox Stevenson, sandblast)

Despite various groups I hung out with listening to everything from drill to death-core, I never really strayed too far from these genres until I moved to Germany for a bit and for some reason really got into dnb there.

Fast forward to last year and I realise music I used to love, the likes of Linkin Park, Slipknot, Green Day, BMTH et al through to lowsteppa, redlight and even bogan aussie bands like the chats, I had completely neglected; rediscovering all of these amazing bits of music was like spending months of just leaving my ears in an unlimited pick n mix. I only discovered Shikari through a remix album. Pale waves gets tweeted about a lot and I'd never normally pick it myself but their recent releases have been fab too! And the rest have just been suggested by pals.

Gully underground dance tracks will always be front and centre for me and I'll take a sweaty rave over a live show every day of the week, but I find it funny that only in the last year or so I've found myself listening to literally all those artists you've posted in an effort to just appreciate more music more.

If you enjoy Fox but fancy something more rock inspired, I really recommend Muzz, (obvs pendulum), andToronto is Broken!
But if I had to recommend just 1 thing, it would be
Modestep - London Road.
It's got every sound you could possibly want on an album all wrapped up perfectly. The band themselves have now partially split up and do really headache inducing dubstep stuff these days, but this album is probably my personal favourite body of music ever, because it encapsulates all the kinda sounds I enjoy and grew up with. Couldn't recommend it enough to anyone!
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If you like Talking Heads I'd recommend the concert film David Byrne's American Utopia. 'S really good.

Directed by none other than Spike Lee. I don't normally have much time for his films but he knocked it out of the park with this one.

I'd like to (if I can find anywhere streaming it for free in the UK :) ) - but, also not. I think David Byrnes is a bit of a dick - or he certainly used to be.


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If anyone is into Hardcore/metalcore I'd recommend the bands Knocked Loose and Gideon. Knocked Loose have some sick breakdowns and have been playing with some death and groove metal influences recently.

I've also been listening to kittie recently, I love Nu Metal and they play the more heavy side of it.

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As a fan of slightly over-the-top theatrical metal, Ice Nine Kills' latest album has become a new guilty pleasure (though I admit it they could do with less of the Fall Out Boy-esque clean vocals) - otherwise, it's almost like having a full album of A7X's Little Piece of Heaven.

I feel like @nadroJ would definitely have appreciated this in her younger years!

OK this has made its way into my rotation. It's absolutely ridiculous, I love it. My fav tracks are American Nightmare, Stabbing in the Dark and Rocking the Boat. Stabbing in the Dark gives me big Breaking Benjamin vibes, it's stupid.


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It's become my most played of the last twelve months - alone in the car yesterday, I discovered I now know most of the words - but it's The Jig Is Up (catchy chorus), World In My Hands and Grave Mistake (fun to sing AND epic guitar break) for me :) I feel like they'd be a lot of fun live as well.

The preceding album Every Trick In The Book is nearly as good - all based on classic literature - with a dark twist, of course.

Yesterday was of course new playlist Monday, so I wonder what I'll discover this week :)


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Stabbing in the Dark gives me big Breaking Benjamin vibes, it's stupid.

Is it just me that gets Breaking Benjamin from Dream Theater's latest single?

In other news, I've found some more 'horror metal'. It's not as good as INK and the lyrics are laughable, but nevertheless...
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Me again :D

New Liquid Tension Experiment album out tomorrow - more than 20 years after the last and the true drummer wielding the sticks once again :D



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Yes, probably still my favourite of their tracks. I like to think of it as Goodnight Kiss Pt II


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I got back into Electric Wizard again. Please hit me with all your favorite doom metal, lads. The slower, heavier, sludgier, and nastier, the better.

Church of Misery is another favorite.


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Been on this website for years now and never realized this thread existed 😂 Anyways here are my favorite albums of 2020 ranked and my top 20 of 2021 so far! I highly recommend all of these albums




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