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Lightwater Valley - Future?


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PS. On mobile at the moment so not super easy to trawl through stuff, but I bought we had a topic specifically for this somewhere. If someone can link me, I'll move the posts. Or I'm imaging things. :D
I hope I found the right thread. Don't think we had one specifically for the Ultimate.


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Only a matter of time before this got officially confirmed.

I’m surprised it was open as long as it was because it can’t have been cheap to run, and the park isn’t exactly flush with cash.


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Sad loss, there was quite simply nothing else like it. Making the trek to go and ride it was a hell of a chore - over 4 hours each way - but I'm so glad I went when I did. I think it was around 2017ish, so if I hadn't gone then, I probably would have missed out altogether. I thought it was awesome. Well... awesome and awful, in equal measure.
RIP, Sir.


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Does anybody know if this new change in direction is helping? Is the park busier? Not to be cynical but when I think of this it reminds me of American Adventure …


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If the owners treat LW anything like they have Brighton's Palace Pier there'll be a few lovely cosmetic changes at the start followed by everything being left to decay or just being removed. Everything on that pier rides like a limping old dog these days and the place as a whole has never looked more run down than it does now. Probably expect that.
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So glad I rode it when I had the chance. It was in its last legs then running one train and looking pretty decrepit in parts.

Honestly, the second they sold Raptor Attack/Rat ride was the second I knew the bell was tolling for Ultimate too.

There truly was nothing else quite like it. It was the best kind of bad and we'll never see the like again.


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Well there goes my chances of ever visiting Lightwater. Really sad to see Ultimate go I've always wanted to ride it
I probably won't revisit the park now either because there's no draw anymore for enthusiast's! Not even eagle's claw is enough as you could go to Thorpe Drayton and Paultons and ride a very similar ride!!


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Does anybody know if this new change in direction is helping? Is the park busier? Not to be cynical but when I think of this it reminds me of American Adventure …
Yes, it has changed market after the shift well.
It was unpopular at first, as families turned up to ride the "big rides" and found them missing, but now most of their market is aware of the changes, and are happy with the result.
Reviews are more positive, the park has been steady with the local pre teen market family groups.
I got a last ride with a fellow geek just before the closure, we had a stunning day, and I have had many good times with my best mate's kids, watching them grow up through the rides...we only got one shot at the Ultimate, but we got there!


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T’Ultimate was the reason to visit Lightwater Valley for thrill seekers. Actually quite pleased that LWV have a strategy and will keep the park floating along. There’s no point them competing with Flamingo, they may as well do their own thing and see where it takes them. Who knows, in 5-10 years time if this focus works out for them, they might get a half decent cred. Wish them all the best whilst fondly remembering the great, laugh out loud rides I had on t’Ultimate, every. Single. Time.

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While it's sad to see Ultimate go, from the perspective of someone who's never ridden it hopefully they can put the maintenance money elsewhere and get more additions more often. Of course they're not going to be major rides, but who said you can't make decent family rides?

The future looks bright, and as much as I hate to say it, that monster of a coaster was tearing that park to shreds from the day it opened so in a way the ride's "decommissioning" brings me more hope for the place.


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I only just heard the news about The Ultimate by word of mouth last night (and can’t find a news thread showing the official announcement).

I am devastated. It was by far the top bucket list coaster for me in the UK, and one of my top bucket list coasters in the world. I don’t care if it wasn’t a great ride; it was utterly unique and that’s something I love in a coaster.

I have a UK trip in the works for next summer, but this announcement has taken so much of the wind out of the sails of that plan. Ugh.

The two coasters that I was most interested in riding in the UK now unceremoniously closed. 😭


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Not sure how long it's been like this.
There were no sign of the trains on 25th Aug, so within the last month.

Train on the spur could either mean preparing to put the ride back into use, or preparing to scrap the ride and maybe put the station to another use. My money would bd on the latter but time will tell!