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Kings Island | Snoopy's Soap Box Racers | Vekoma Family Boomerang | 2024


Hyper Poster
I wonder what they do with those "cap" pieces at the end of the rails after they remove them for installation?
Weigh them in with the scrap dealer and get a celebration meal for a job well done? :p

That's a good point though, how good of a job do ride construction contractors make of recycling the waste from construction? Scrap metal has value, so I assume parks will either deal with it themselves or split the proceeds with the contractor if they deal with all the waste.

Matt N

CF Legend
They built the entire coaster in 6 days? I know that these Family Boomerangs are short, but that must be some kind of record!

That makes even the whirlwind construction of Zadra at Energylandia seem like an eternity by comparison…


Giga Poster
While the track went up quick the trains have just arrived, however they are on the track with testing starting, really like the train design of this one. The park say it will have a late spring opening.



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Testing video appeared on Instagram this week.
I doubt this is going to be open in time for me (late Spring is quite vague and with their ride line up, I confess I'm not overly excited by ANOTHER one of these) but sharing nontheless :)

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