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  1. TPoseOnTantrum

    Kings Island | Snoopy's Soap Box Racers | Vekoma Family Boomerang | 2024

    Good morning! Creating this thread a day in advance at Kings Island will be making an announcement tomorrow regarding their 2024 addition(s). Lately there’s been some rumours of a new coaster in Planet Snoopy, with markers having recently been sighted behind Flying Ace Aerial Chase, where they...
  2. J

    What defunct coaster do you miss the most?

    What defunct coaster do you miss the most? For me: Shockwave at SF Great America/GASM at SF Great Adventure
  3. T

    A Giga going to Kings Island!!2????

    I am freaking out!!!! I just heard from Zimmerman that another giga is going to KI!!! Im crying!!!! aparently i's by rmc!!!!! 437 feet!!!! Posting proof soon!
  4. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Markers at Kings Island (2021/22?)

    So, it turns out there's some markers over this month at Kings Island and all the details can be found here: But, the amazing Coaster Nation has made a Wing Coaster using those marker placements and if this would be the result of the...
  5. Matt N

    Rank the Kings Island coasters

    Hi guys. Watching Shawn Sanbrooke's vlog from Kings Island just now gave me the idea to make a thread for people's personal rankings of the park's coasters. We have a thread ranking Cedar Point's coasters, so I'd be intrigued to know people's rankings for the other large coaster park in Ohio! Do...
  6. GeaugaLakeisAlive

    Geauga Lake/Six Flags Worlds of Adventure

    Recently hearing the news about Firehawk (formerly known as X-Flight at Geauga Lake) at King's Island shutting down, I decided to make this thread. Since Geauga Lake was my home park, I have many fond memories of the park. Sadly, by the time I was tall enough to ride most of the coasters, the...
  7. TLARides

    Rides that really disappointed you.

    As I was watching videos on the GP's take on Alton Towers' SW8 (which I didn't find much on), I wondered; Is this coaster actually going to be as cool and exciting as we think it will be? We know how Mystic Timbers turned out, great ride with a cool story but an absolutely crap shed that...
  8. TLARides

    Coasters that have become noticeably rougher in the past few years.

    I went to Kings Island last Saturday with a friend and we both agreed to ride Beast in the front car (we got the third row, the first car). The ride started and we had a bit of fun. Something seemed off, though. It was way rougher than I remember when I was in at least 7th or 6th grade. I...
  9. Zek_Teh_Kek

    Kings Island: Five rides in Five Hours

    This past Saturday, I was able to make it to Kings Island for five hours, and managed to ride 5 rides, three of them being new for me. I was able to ride 1. Mystic Timbers 2x 2. Firehawk 3. The Beast 4. Diamondback And you know what; I wasn't disappointed with ANY of them! I left from my house...