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How many different number 1s have you had?

When I was 8, it was Double Loop at Geauga Lake followed by Thunderhawk at Geauga (formerly Serial Thriller) basically because my coaster count was about 15. Then it became X-Flight at Geauga.

When I really got into creds, it was Dragster, then Maverick, then Voyage from 2009-2015. I don't really remember what it was between 2015-2016, but in 2016 it became Eejanaika.

Today, it's so hard for me to choose between Eej and Steel Vengeance. They are both fantastic in different ways <3


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Millie when it opened
El Toro about a year after it opened
Fury about 2 months ago...it's friggin' great when its hot out
Steel Vengeance.
I305 ( did it make it to #1?) about 3 years ago
A bunch of others in the running - US anyways.

Haven't made it to Europe yet...Can't wait!


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Let's see:
- Stampida (1999 - 2006)
- Air (2006 - 2009)
- Bluefire (2009 - 2013)
- Maverick (2013 - 2016)
- Skyrush (2016 - present)

I am tempted to divide between wooden #1 and steel #1. Then, my two last #1 would be something like this:
- Maverick / Phoenix (2013 - 2016)
- Skyrush / El Toro (2016 - present)


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Nemesis (1998 - 2006)
Stealth (2006 - 2009)
Nemesis (2009 - 2013) after the Scarefest night ride
Skyrush (30th August 2013 - 23rd April 2017)
Lightning Rod (23rd April 2017 - 11th June 2018)
Steel Vengeance (11th June 2018 - Current)


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Nemesis Inferno (2004-2006)
Nemesis (2006-2012)
Swarm (2012-2015)
Baron 1898 (2015-2016)
Taron (2016-present)


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Irn Bru Revolution (ugh) - 2002-2004
Nemesis - 2004 - 2008
Troy - 2008 - 2015
Shambhala - 2015 - 2017
Taron - 2017 - present


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2007 big dipper my first major coaster
2010 knightmare my first and only Schwarzkopf
2012 revolution BPB
2013 nemesis
2016 smiler
2018 Red force (i went to Ferrari land first 1 day before.)
2018 Shambhala and DK


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2006 (July) - 2010 (July): Montu = 4y0m
2010 (July) - 2010 (August): El Toro = 0y1m
2010 (August) - 2016 (June): Boulder Dash = 5y10m
2016 (June) - 2018 (August): Lighting Rod = 2y2m
2018 (August) - onwards: Steel Vengeance

Lightning Rod's reign is over! How long until something can knock Steel Vengeance off top spot? I'll have to ride it after June 2024 for it to beat Boulder Dash's streak!


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Probably should have made an entirely new thread instead of bumping this one, but bigger bumps have happened. Sorry, in advance.
2014-2017: Rock 'n Roller Coaster
2017-2018: Batman: The Ride
2018-2018: Goliath (SFOG)
2018-2018: Raging Bull
2018-2018: Wild Eagle (for literally one night)
2018-now: Lightning Rod


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2010 (August) - 2012 (June): Bizarro @ SFNE
2012 (June): Millennium Force (only about a 30 min reign)
2012 (June) - 2013 (August): Top Thrill Dragster
2013 (August) - 2015 (June): Boulder Dash
2015 (June) - 2019 (July): Skyrush
2019 (July) - Present: Steel Vengeance


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Times have changed, it would seem. This is what I wrote in 2015:

Uhm... pretty much one - Nemesis.
My first ride on Nemmie was a defining moment in my goonhood. It's safe to say I'm here now, sharing opinions about coasters with total strangers on a goon forum, because of that very day.

1994 - 2016: Nemesis. A 22 year reign - that's still pretty impressive!
2016 - 2018: Helix. Only 2 years at the top for the Swede.
2018 - present day: The one and only Steel Vengeance. 3 years and counting, and I honestly can't see anything toppling it anytime soon.

*as a footnote, I don't consider any of you total strangers anymore. 🥰


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2007/11/17 - Furius Baco - Didn't properly become an enthusiast until 2013, so anything before this, I don't really remember, but this was the always the one that stood out as my favourite until I travelled more.
2016/10/25 - Taron - I rode it the day before, and while it was good, I didn't think it would top Baco. Then the hotel night for this day happened and it was the closest I had come to coaster nirvana. 7 back to back front row night rides without having to get up.
2019/10/14 - Untamed - This was mostly due to the first RMC hype. Still an incredible ride but its since dropped back below Taron. This was also short lived because...
2019/10/18 - Zadra - This was the one where I finally started to nail down what I liked in a ride, the incredible sense of speed and fast pacing of the ride. Literally the only downside for it is that it ends a little early, I think they could have added another element or 2 before hitting the brakes. This would still be my #1 if it wasn't for...
2020/01/16 - Hakugei - It's basically Zadra but without the premature ending. It follows a lot of the same design mentality as the likes of Zadra, larger and more sustained elements rather than short bursty ones. It is just sublime.

2007 – 2011 : Stealth @ Thorpe Park
2011 – 2012 : Kraken @ Seaworld Orlando (I had been salivating over it for years on RCDB, so I can guess you can say it was ridden with rose-tinted glasses)
2012 – 2018 : X2 @ Six Flags Magic Mountain


2018 – 2019 : X2 @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
2019 – 2020 : Wildfire @ Kolmarden
2020 – Present : Untamed @ Walibi Holland

I hit a big coaster hiatus between 2012 and 2018, which might be why X2 stayed up there for so long. To be honest though, even once I did get back into the hobby it wasn’t until my precious little thighs experienced the erotic forces of RMC’s whacky/beautiful elements that something truly topped the feeling of elation embodied by X2. It’s going to take a lot to make RMC move away from my top spot…


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Last rankings (2015)

Millennium Force 2000-2003
Top Thrill Dragster 2003-2007
El Toro 2007-2008
Boulder Dash 2008-Present

Since then:

Lightning Rod 2016-2018
Steel Vengeance 2018-Present

I do realize I missed Maverick but it was my #1 for about 2 months when it opened until I rode El Toro so that's probably why I forgot.


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Probably 4:
- Corkscrew 2001 ish
- Nemesis 2004
- Shambhala 2012
- Hyperion 2018

I think technically Air was my #1 for about 15 minutes before I walked over to Nemesis.


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I've only had two, so far.
When I first was introduced to the coaster buzz, I treated Expedition Everest like a work of art, which it is, it's still in my top 20 today,

But my second one has not moved a spot since July of 2020, the first time I stepped into my home park. It was also the first large-scale roller coaster I've ever been on, which I wanted to go on what people say is the best of the best, and I'm so glad I listened to them. Not so much with the Steel Vengeance hype, but El Toro still blows my mind to this day. I've been to SFGADV so many times within the past year or so, and all of my 40+ rides on that monster were all worth mentioning. I don't think anything can beat my #1, not even Intimidator 305, which was the only coaster I could think of that could (it is my #2 though!).
If you can name a better coaster than El Toro in your opinion, please let me know so I can jot that down in my bucket list. (I got Fury 325, X2 and Eejanaika high up there)