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How many different number 1s have you had?


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I'm sure we've had this topic before but I couldn't find it so probably worth a new thread.

Simple question, when looking at your top coasters, how many number ones have you had? For sake of easiness I'm only going to bother looking back to when I started this hobby otherwise I'd have to include my first coaster and that'd just be silly.

1st number one - Stealth, Thorpe Park (lasted 223 days)
2nd number one - Nemesis, Alton Towers (lasted 10 minutes)
3rd number one - Air, Alton Towers (lasted 1155 days)
4th number one - Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa (lasted 126 days)
5th number one - Shambhala, Port Aventura (lasted 286 days)
6th number one - Eejanaika, Fuji Q Highland (current number one)


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1st number 1: Shockwave (first inversion <3)
2nd number 1: Big One (plz don't judge)
3rd number 1: Nemesis (first B&M)
4th number 1: Oblivion
5th number 1: Stealth
6th and current number 1: Shambhala


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Hmm, I really only have had three major ones:

- Millennium Force
- Maverick


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When I started counting coasters...

1st: Raging Bull(First Hyper)
2nd: Outlaw Run(First RMC)
3rd: Goliath SFGAm
4th and current: The Voyage


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Simple really if I go by when I became an enthusiast.
1st: El Toro
2nd: Boulder Dash


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I actually had an idea for this thread a while back but didn't post it in fear of being judged for ranking things and offending people. Anyway...
0. Diamondback (Pre-Enthusiast, first time I ever had a favorite coaster)
1. Intimidator 305 (August 2010-June 2011)
2. Millennium Force (June 2011-November 2013)
3. Cheetah Hunt (November 2013-October 2014)
4. The Voyage (October 2014-July 2015)
5. Fury 325 (July 2015-August 2015)
6. Skyrush (August 2015-Present)


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Uhm... pretty much one - Nemesis.
My first ride on Nemmie was a defining moment in my goonhood. It's safe to say I'm here now, sharing opinions about coasters with total strangers on a goon forum, because of that very day. It was like, 'Wow, I need more of that in my life!'

Ok two. A few years later, Oblivion leapfrogged it, but only for a couple of seasons. To begin with, Blivvy terrified me in a way that Nemesis never did, and I absolutely loved that feeling of sheer helplessness, but once you've gotten used to it and don't get frightened anymore, Oblivion doesn't really offer much else so shortly afterwards I bumped Nemesis back to the top, where it still sits to this day.
Poor old Oblivion doesn't even make the top 10 anymore. :-(

So let's talk about number 2's (Giggedy!).
Well, most of mine are still in the top 10 so are listed below - Dragon Kahn, Revenge of the Mummy, Kingda Ka and X2 have all had a stint at the silver medal position.


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0) Colossus (March 2004)
1) Nemesis (August 2006)
2) Swarm (March 2012)
3) Baron 1898 (July 2015)

Colossus was pre-'enthusiast' days, but since theme parks were always my hobby, thought I may as well include it.


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Howie said:
To begin with, Blivvy terrified me in a way that Nemesis never did, and I absolutely loved that feeling of sheer helplessness, but once you've gotten used to it and don't get frightened anymore, Oblivion doesn't really offer much else so shortly afterwards I bumped Nemesis back to the top

I think this will happen to me next time I go Towers. I haven't rode Nemesis in over a year because they picked the day I went in Easter this year to maintain the **** lift hill, I've somewhat forgot what its like so we'll have to wait and see what I think on my next ride.


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Hmm, it all started of with me going on vacation to Barcelona. Hence...

1) Dragon Kahn: hadn't really experienced anything similar before! This ride really amazed me and is the pure reason for me becoming an enthusiast! :--D

2) Stealth: Amazing launch, smooth and up til then the tallest coaster I had been on.

3) Skyrush: Incredible in every possible way! Still leagues better than anyhing else I've been on :)

Honourable mentions to coasters that probably would've made the #1 spot, just if my travel plans would have been a bit different: Oblivion (instant #2 after Stealth which I went on the day before), Troy (new #2 after Oblivion, a couple of months after my UK tour) and I305 (went on it the day efter the sublime Skyrush, although I305 is still my #2).


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1. Anaconda. (Don't judge, it's actually a pretty good ride.)

2. Dominator.

3. Jokers Jinx

4. Maverick


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Social Media Team
Jordanovichy said:
3rd number one - Air, Alton Towers (lasted 1155 days)


I can't really remember too far back but I'll try and think.

Current - June 2015 - Skyrush
August 2011 - June 2015 - Mountain Flyer
August 2008 - August 2011 - Boulder Dash
??? 2007 - August 2008 - The Ultimate
October 2006 - ??? 2007 - Goliath WW


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In the early days it didn't take much for something to take my number one spot. The Ultimate, Velocity and Infusion all held my number one spot for a relatively short period.

Nemesis took my number one spot when I first rode it in 2007, and stayed in the top spot for around 10 months or so. Boulder Dash subsequently took its place at the top of my list in August 2008, and has been there ever since.

In short, not many. Around five, maybe, with no changes since 2008.


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Mine's been fairly static all in all. Before enthusiasm, it was Antelope at Gullivers (by default) then Whirlwind, Camelot. Once I discovered the fandom in 2006, Nemesis stepped in and stayed at the top until 2007 when I went to Florida and decided Kumba was my favourite. Some have come close to unseating Kumba, but it's still there, albeit based on 8-year-old memories.


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I thought I recognised this topic - turns out it was one posted by LFTL in the summer about the shortest time a number one has stood for.


So I'm happy enough for this one to stay open.

Thankfully, I can just copy my response from that thread:
Hixee said:
My favourite coasters seems to stick around for quite a while actually. Before I went to Florida back in 2006 and I wasn't into coasters enough to really have a favourite (if I remember correctly, that was the first time I actually went back and added up all my credits, that trip started my coaster counting as it were), so Montu was my number one after that trip.

After that, I think it was El Toro that next won my number one position, but that only lasted for a few weeks until I rode Boulder Dash at the end of that trip. Then Boulder Dash has reigned supreme ever since.

So that would put me:
2006 (July) - 2010 (July): Montu
2010 (July) - 2010 (August): El Toro
2010 (August) - onwards: Boulder Dash

I don't change my mind much... :lol: Although this has got me thinking, wish I'd kept a historic record of my top ten/twenty. Would have been interesting to see how things developed throughout the years.
I still wish I could go back and track my top ten historically... :p


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Boulder Dash is pernamently tattoed as a favourite for a lot of users, I'll expect a world of airtime greatness from it if I get to ride it one day and look forward to seeing if it lives up to the hype! I hear the front is the place to be when riding.


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Off the top of my head, and only including big coasters;

Corkscrew. First big coaster. Lasted about 3 years until my next visit to Alton.
Oblivion. First coaster I managed to overcome my fear of. Lasted a year.
Nemesis. Rode it about a year after Oblivion. Lasted I think two years.
Dragon Khan. Blew everything bar Nemesis away. Was there for 4 years I think until I got back and rode;
Shambhala. Miles and miles away at the very top. Only lasted a year though.
Helix. Front row ride just about topped it above Shambhala. Lasted about an hour.
Balder. Was consistently amazing.

Edward M

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Hmm, I mean my first serious number one was Millennium Force.
For a long time after I rode Beast, I would choose between Beast and Millennium Force, and one or the other was my number one for a while.
Kumba took my number one for about 6 months in 2014
Outlaw Run took over Kumba's place in Summer 2014 and remains there now