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Fav flat ride in uk


Jumping Bean by far... Was expecting nothing, and was incredibly fun... re-rode for a good 30mins, loved it!

But if you want to get all "grown up", probably Apocalypse or Samurai (even more so before the move to Thorpe)


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Hm, I can never decide on my favourite flat ride. I've got a soft-spot for Rush, it's got a great sense of speed and on the one swing you get some brilliant air-time, but on the other you get some gentle floaty airtime. Then you have Maelstrom, which gives a more intense and exciting ride, I absolutely love Maelstrom, if anything it's the main reason (apart from Apocalypse) I visit Drayton Manor.

Bling doesn't do much for me, I consider it the tamest of the flat rides I've been on, you get some good height but compared to compact Top Scan models Bling pales in overall intensity. I found myself resting my head against the restraints, it can be fun, but hardly thrilling.

Ripsaw is commonly slated, but I find it a great flat ride. It might just be because of the park, it's a great break from all of the coaster-whoring around Alton and when it wants, can be quite a headrush.

Enterprise's are utter turd, and so is Submission.

Oh did I forget to mention Venom at WMSP, that is without a doubt THE BEST DROP TOWER IN THE COUNTRY! :--D

Martyn B

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Rush, Maelstrom, Flip Flop, The Beast, Fireball, Eagles Claw, Hydro Maxx, probably some more....

Easily pleased me :D


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Tough choice...

Cliffhanger's definitely my favourite tower ride by a long way. Powerful, plenty of airtime and a decent length cycle, which is the only thing I don't like about its main rival, Ice Blast.

I couldn't really pick a single ride as a favourite spin/swing ride. It would have to be between Rush, Maelstrom and Flip Flop. Rush is a great ride (I love the acceleration and the airtime), but it's just got such a short cycle. As soon as you've started really getting into it, it finishes. Maelstrom/Flip Flop are just plain fun.

An honourable mention also to Lightwater Valley's temporary (and sadly late) Topscan, Whirlwind. A proper Topscan on a brilliant ride cycle. It was a great addition to the park for the few months it was there, even if it looked horrid and randomly placed there.
I really like vortex at Thorpe if your on a good swing, Floating over the spikey fence side is epic. Would probably include rush but the cycle is so short.

Jumping bean at paultons is awesome to, great fun and some surprising lift! :shock:


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Apocalypse fo sho.

Det was fab before they spited the music and the countdown... it's still probably my second favourite (drop towers <3 (not those ****ty S&S ones)), but nowhere near as fab as it used to be.

Edit - Totally forgot about Venom (just read Kebab's post), that thing is amazing! I still prefer Apocalypse but only slightly.


Apocalypse also, its just so high and so immense and the queues are always relatively low...I can imagin, I only went to Drayton manor once.


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Only have been to two UK parks: Alton and Thorpe. But out of those two I would choose Slammer and Samurai. Slammer the slightly better ride but both are great! The rest of the flats I rode in the UK were pretty dull..


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The man with the hammer speaks the truth, and I'm not just saying that because he has a hammer!
Honourable mention to Maelstrom.


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I love samurai - forwards bit is more intense than backwards though

also love detonator - pack a real punch, and I think I slightly prefer it to apocalypse

and as others have said - flip flop has amaaaaaaaaazing airtime


Rush for me, it's my favourite ride at Thorpe overall.

Followed probably by Lightwater's Eagle's Claw.