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    "Did I ever tell you when I woke up and...?"

    The one time I had two dead arms (THE WORST) and at first I thought it was hilarious, flailing my arms around.... Only i really needed a whazz. So I began my journey to the toilet. Firstly, for anyone who isn't a double arm amputee. It is VERY hard to get out of bed without the use of your...
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    Insult the person above

    It's been a looooooooong time. Don't know if ill be posting as frequently as I used to. But first things first You greasy lichen.
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    'The Tampon Video'

    Why does that not suprise me Neal? Yeah I've seen it. I have a massive feeling it isn't real. You know cause who would do that? It still made me heave however, how can someone be that foul. It's just, eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww. All for a bit of attention. Some people definitely need to learn that...
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    Insult the person above

    I haven't been on in two years and I need to change that tbf, you meat curtain.
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    Insult the person above

    Ham wallet.
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    What's The Song You're Listening To Right Now?

    Aphex Twin- Window Licker ... divx_music It's one of the sickest dance tunes with the glitchiest beats. It's pretty experimental so won't be to everyone's taste. But seriously give it a try..... Unless you really hate swearing, cause although the song...
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    Favorite Coaster Element?

    Immelmann's it's something about that sudden flip to negative G that just gets me everytime. Anyone else know what I mean?
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    Nemesis Recreation

    Am I allowed to abuse him? Forum rules still the same? Balls.
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    The ^ < V game

    ^No. < Is baaaaack v Does not care that Mark is back.
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    Whats your most used word currently?

    "Essentially" Essentially, when im explaining things I say essentially at the start. See what I mean?
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    Rate the Sig and Avatar - II

    Not your best sir Neal. 7/10 Off on my lurk fest! *LURK*
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    Insult the person above

    Your face makes me want to vomit.
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    Which Deadly Sin Are You Most Guilty Of???

    Gluttony I am such a fatty. I really should be fat. Luckily I exercise well, but I do love my food. For example yesterday i had a steak and a rack of ribs with chips, watered down with a Koppaberg and had an extra side of chips (not to mention a starter of nachos). So this. Otherwise...
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    To leave or let die?

    The thing is, if you pull that lever its sorta your fault for their deaths in the laws eyes isnt it? Of course other than that i'd love to play God.
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    What's the weather like today?

    That is because its a room made out of glass Ollie...